Laurel Canyon

I watched Laurel Canyon on Sky Documentaries last night. Most interesting and informative. It included many of the artists who are discussed here with little details which were new to me. These included Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Doors, The Mamas and The Papas etc etc etc. I watched part 1 and recorded part 2. Recommended.


Pity I’m not a Sky person but I did buy this a couple of years ago which is a wonderful book.


Ah sorry I see it is now out of print and ebay selling used copies for £375 !

Agree, both parts are an interesting insight to the music in and around the canyon at that time, recommended viewing.

There is also the book Hotel California, by Barney Hoskins which is a good read and covers Laurel Canyon and the West Coast.
Jackson Browne is on the cover, who is a favourite of mine.

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I also recommend Hoskyns’ Waiting For The Sun - an overview of the LA music scene in the mid sixties and beyond. Has a chapter on the " Ladies and Gentlemen of The Canyon "

You might also be interested in seeing a movie called Almost Famous.

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