Is there a better recording?

OK, specifically:

I just picked up a 99p CD of Timepieces (Clapton compilation from early 80s) and the recording quality on most tracks is fine, considering. However, Layla sounds thin and jangly with a very recessed vocal with tonnes of reverb on it. Is this specific to this mastering? Which (CD) pressing/mastering would you say is the best?



Hi Mark, I think the version you have is as good as any.After years of trying to find the best sounding Layla ( as part of it’s accompanying album ) i have come to accept that it is just poorly recorded ,which is rather ironic given it’s status in Clapton’s discography.There are countless remasters that show no improvement and a couple of remixes out there that try to improve the SQ .But the latter are only partly successful and available as parts of large boxsets and not for casual fans obviously.I even have Layla on a 12’’ single and it still sounds crap.Thinking about it the best way to hear the song is probably via the radio ,with that iconic riff blasting out.Anyway just my take on it.


Clapton unplugged … if you don’t mind acoustic

+1; Clapton Unplugged is the best I have found.

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Thanks. I’ve had Unplugged for years, I was simply trying to get a good recording of the original. In my mind’s ear I was hearing it as it was used in some car advert in the 80s. In my memory, it came spitting out of a tiny tinny TV speaker and sounded great, leaving me imagining how great it would sound coming out of a good system. Careful what you wish for, eh?


Haven’t heard it, but maybe someone has experience of the later Mobile Fidelity release… ?

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