Layout of racks

My 2 Quadraspire racks are going to be next to one another about 40cm out from the wall (see photo below).

If the hifi is centred on the wall, there will no room at all to get my food behind of between the racks.

The right brawn rack will be about 1cm from the right side wall, and the racks will be about 1 or 2cm apart, and then there will only be about 3 to 5cm from the left rack to the right speaker.

This seems uncomfortably close, as the sound waves coming off the right speaker will head straight into the left/brains rack.

Are there any other ways to orient the racks?

The only other option is to move the whole hifi left a bit, then I will be able to leave enough room to get a foot between the right speaker and the left rack, thus making unplugging and plugging in slightly easier.

As the room has a large bay with windows to the left side the room was never symmetrical anyway.

Any ideas welcomed.

Today is install day for the radial - two sockets will be behind the racks in the right corner.

The rack shows the position of the left/brains rack, and the 2 yellow post it notes on the wall show the position of the right hand SL2 if the hifi axis is central to the front wall.

Hi Jim - good news about the mains install.

Could you put it here instead or am I missing something ?


Do you mean the back of the rack is 40cm from the wall ?

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Yes, I could turn the 2 racks both round against the side wall as you show.

That might be best.

(Yes, I meant that the rack shown in the photo is about 40 cm from the front wall.)

Just make sure that the new sockets will be hidden by the racks. If you can see them it will forever irritate you.

The initial idea would not look good, there is nothing worse than making everything look like it’s crammed into too small a space. I would think that a maximum of 20cm space behind would be more than enough for burndies etc; in the original location it would look as if the speakers were behind the rack. They are beautiful speakers and they deserve to stand away from things.

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The 2 sockets will go underneath where the existing house mains ring double socket is in the photo.

So, yes, they will be obscured by the left hand rack in James’ layout.

Let’s hope the existing wiring comes down from the ceiling. If it goes up from the floor you are stuffed.

Yes, it does come down from the ceiling.

The electrician has tested it.

And I saw it myself on another socket on that wall when we took off the plasterboard chimney breast to remove the gas fire.

Excellent. I’m sure it will all work well, and with the system on the end wall it should look more uncluttered.

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