Lazy quickie Flatcap connection question

Lazy because I could just do it by ear! But I’d like to hear your considerable experience and advice before I start disassembling my rack.

Flatcap 2X powering either my

Nait XS2 and CD5X, Stageline self-powered


CD5X and Stageline, XS2 self-powered

What would members think offers the most benefit? Thanks!

As always you need to try it but when I had a Flatcap X I used it solely on a CD5X. Try it on the CD5X first and then add another item to the mic and see if the sound improves overall or not.

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Stevie, On my all XS kit (apart from my NAT05) I went with your first option, ie with my Stageline on Aux2. Thus my radio also benfits from my FCXS.

Your situation might be different.


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Thanks @Steve and @Christopher_M :slight_smile:

I must say I’m impressed by the 5X w/o FC so looking forward to trying it with.

I’ll give both/all options a try on my next couple of days off…I have to resite the rack anyway so that will give me the opportunity (and sort out the rats’ nest of cables that has developed).

Thanks for your replies!


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