Lead from my bel canto DAC XLR to Naim 5 Pin Din

Hi is anyone out there using the above cable and does Naim make one for the job? Any help would be appreciated.

I assume you are trying to connect the Bel Canto DAC to a Naim pre-amp? In which case, you should use the single ended outputs of the Bel Canto DAC (IIRC on RCA Phonos?) with a suitable RCA Phono - DIN5 interconnect.


There are also XLR to 5 pin DIN cables you can use (if e.g. the Bel Canto is only XLR?).

I use such XLR to DIN (that I have purchased some time in the past) between my Atom HE and Nait 50 but appreciate these may be less available and harder to come by.

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As Richard says, depends on what sockets your dac has; you should be using rca unbalanced output to a 5 pin din input.

Who supplies the XLR to Naim 5 pin DIN? I see some short ones but nothing over a meter? Yes I would like to use my XLR oouts from the DAC.

I wanted to use the XLR out of the DAC to the 5-pin Naim din if possible.

The problem is that the XLRs are balanced and the Naim input is single ended. So you would need a custom pseudo-balanced (balanced to single ended) interconnect. Nothing I know off the self. You’d need to have it specially made by a cable supplier.

yes I was wondering if there is an XLR to Naim 5 pin Din made by Naim???

Thanks… So the 5 pin Naim connection is single-ended…

I will enquire about getting one made … I just thought Naim may make them.

Yes, Din is single ended, just like RCA Phono, and also like XLR when it’s used single-ended such as with Naim’s Classic amps.

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Yes currently have a one-meter Chord Company Signature Array single-ended interconnect connected to the sockets you have nicely outlined in Blue. then to the Nait XS2 AUX1 socket. Sounds lovely. But Bel Canto advises using the XLR output in the same way as Naim advises using their 5-Pin DIN. So I thought there might be an off-the-shelf cable made by Naim for the job. Richard says there is not and that I would probably have to have one made by a cable specialist.

Thanks for clarifying Richard.

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May be Custom HiFi Cables can supply a good quality one at a reasonable price? I guess Chord should do such too?

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Wherever you get it from, take note of this:


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