Lead time on repairs?

Does anyone have any recent experience of having an NDS repaired and would be kind enough to let me know how long it took?

Mine went in late August and I have had nothing back yet. I was going to give it a month in all before I hassle anyone, but just wondered what I might be in for.

Many thanks!

Email Naim support. They got back to me really quick. Possibly they are waiting for parts. Mine took about 8 weeks I think. Would have been quicker if they’d had the parts.


Get on to the dealer that sent it.


As Gazza posts above, your dealer will know far more than anybody here, so I would ask them to find out the status for you.

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Thanks all, I will ask him, just wanted to see what the lie of the land was.

I just had a different unit repaired. About 4 weeks. It is the dealer’s job to chase it.

Out if interest are you getting a new screen for your NDS? Mine is really fading so curious to know the cost.


I think it’s a couple of hundred quid plus shipping these days.

Also, my recent experience of dealers chasing anything is rubbish. I was the one doing the chasing. For months. The dealer I used even missed the RMA request from Naim and wasted weeks before I chased them up to get them to contact Naim. My experience is that Naim support are responsive and helpful but some dealers can’t be arsed.

Edit: some dealers not all :blush:


Hi Bruce, no it came up with an error message on the screen. Mine had a new screen a year or two ago, just before I bought it but I am not sure I would bother now given the value of an NDS.

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