Leave on?

Ok so I leave my SN2 on all the time along with the NDX2 and Cisco routers etc
What about a CD player like the CD5SI, is it also recommended to leave this on also ??
Many thanks as always


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Oh, definitely.

Digital sources are more impacted than amplifiers by power off. Amps “warm up” faster but digital sources can take 24hrs to hit peak operating conditions.

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Ive a Rega Apollo that has a Class A output stage. That CDP always sounded proper after several hours. Still have it out in the shed somewhere. Sounded cold and boring when not at running temp. Once at temp it was luscious.

I think with the NDX2, that can go to stand by without impacting on performance as it stays warm? I keep my PS’s and amp always on, NDX2 to standby mode.

You’d have to check with Naim. Sounds very possible. Arcam used to make it so that when you switched off their CD players, the DAC board was always on and only unplugging would cut the juice.

I’m hoping that in future Naim rationalise the location of power buttons. With some on front and some on back, it’s a mess. Pick a location and commit.

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