Led Zeppelin - Acoustic Set - Earls Court '75

These 3 tracks came up in my YouTube feed.


Going To California

Thats The Way

Bron Y Aur Stomp

Then came the car crash…


Many thanks for posting those. A 21 year old me is somewhere in that crowd. Ah, memories. :slightly_smiling_face:


Bit younger here… Could only read about the Earls Court concerts, in Melody Maker…

Those three tracks (along with a couple more from EC '75) are also on the Led Zep DVD:


8th December 1972. Manchester Hardrock, 18 year old me, right in the centre of the 2nd row :slight_smile:

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Every time I come across this thread title, it makes me die inside a little. Could someone fix it?

Whats the problem…? I can edit it.

Thank you, someone did it :+1: It was a double L in Zeppelin.

Yes… :expressionless:

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A 16 year old me!


Very cheap…!!! :astonished:


It didn’t seem so at the time. 2 tickets,for me and then girlfriend on an apprentice wage!!..:thinking:

I saw them again, at Knebworth, in 79…

Me too, both weekends. Those tickets were £7.50 IIRC.

£4.25 for the Eagles on the HC tour at Wembley in ‘77.

So did I. August 11th.


I’ve got one of those! Somewhere…! Can’t find the ticket tho.

I think 'That’s the Way" is one of their better songs. Lovely.

I was there on Friday 16th May. Brilliant concert. Bob Harris introduced the band on stage.

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