Led Zeppelin

What do you think about led zeppelin, Crowley and magic?

I’m not familiar with that album of theirs - was it before or after Physical Graffiti?


If you have a child, it can do the work.


Meanwhile, back in the real world………

Led Zeppelin: yeah, they’re OK.
Crowley: not a big fan.
Magic: done well, it’s rather entertaining.

Moving on, what do you think of Dire Straits, Kant and juggling?



Chas and Dave, Sauron and Sigfried and Roy are more my thing.


I see this thread is in the Padded Cell, oh sorry the “Lounge”, rather than the Music Room. Seems appropriate to me.

Yep, “Padded Cell” seems about right :laughing:

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I thought it was Black Widow who dabbled in black magic, at least in their first (and excellent) album’s lyrics and reputedly their early stage show. And Ozzy Osborne wrote a song about Aleister Crowley, though I don’t remember whether or not that was with Black Sabbath. From the band’s name it would have seemed that Black Sabbath were into the occult, but not their early (and to my mind best) albums. As for Led Zeppelin, I’m unaware of any connection with black magic.

It was Naim’s erstwhile communications persons’ greatest moment, making that change.

They were named after the film, the one with Boris Karloff. Geezer Butler was into the occult at the time.
It was the early albums that contained more occult type songs :thinking:

Such as “After Forever”???

Hardly :slightly_smiling_face: unless Christianity counts :wink:

I’d never heard of Crowley until this thread, so looked him up. The name Bolskine rang a bell, and it turns out it’s a stone’s throw from the campsite at Foyers on the shore of Loch Ness. We stayed there a couple of years ago and went past Bolskine many times, in the car and on foot, hence the ringing bell. It’s certainly out of the way.

Jimmy Page liked it so much…he bought it.

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Indeed, and Crowley’s motto was engraved on LZIII. I wonder what the OP is focusing on? There is clearly a connection between Crowley and the band.

Not like Black Widow’s Sacrifice album, I think only NIB coming near.

Page’s interest in Crowley is hardly news… :expressionless:

Jimmy Page - Interest in the Occult

The OP seems to think so :person_shrugging:

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I’m slightly concern to enjoy their music. Wanted to hear what you have to say.