Left/Right Balance seems to be inverted

Hello Naim Community,

I’m currently using NAC82(w/napsc), NDX2 and Nap250 with Hi-cap

recently, I felt the mid-source was not made in my front face. (ex: vocal)
means that the vocals don’t sound like they’re coming from the center, but from the left and right speakers respectively.

So I checked the nap250 behind and marked the “Left” output as heading to the left speaker (in my sight)
So now I’ve fixed the correction after I noticed that it was the wrong connection.

finally, after I corrected the speaker cable the mid source came out on the center spot between the L/R speaker

But one more thing problem is The left signal of the source comes out from the right speaker.

also, the balance knob of NAC82 seems to have been inverted. (The source came out the other way when I turned it left or right)

How Should I fix it this?

For your clear understanding, I’ve attached a photo.

Thank you

Make sure that the CH1 output goes to the left speaker and CH2 output to the right. If you have the amp between the speakers then the cables will cross over each other.

What’s the NAP180 connection for?

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Hello Richard,

NAP 180 is used for the SUB woofer.
and cables do not cross the NAP250, Would you review the below sheet and the above picture?

The actual marked LEFT on NAP250 is heading to the Right Speaker in my sight.

CH1 - LEFT should go to the left speaker. CH2 - RIGHT should go to the right speaker. The speaker cables should cross one another of you have the NAP250 between the speakers.

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@Richard.Dane and @Stephen_Tate

Thank you,

Tbh, I originally had it set up like you mentioned until two days ago.
However the vocal or Mid energy in particular feels muddy in the center and distributed to each speaker position.

However, I thought this was much better when I swapped the L/R of the amplifier.
It’s probably a phase issue, but I don’t know how to fix it…

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For your understanding,
NAC82 and NAP250, Hicap were has been serviced via Naim service within 3 years.

I would check your speaker cables. In particular check that the polarity is correct at both ends. What you describe sounds like something is out of phase.

Also I note that the SNAIC5 on your HICAP looks a bit odd - check that, and if it’s not a genuine Naim SNAIC then change it ASAP.

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That sounds as if the speakers might have been out of phase before you changed the connections.

To be clear: left and right speaker connections as Stephen’s sketch (a picture is worth a thousand words), but red pin to red pin, and back pin to black pin between the power amp and each speaker as well.

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All of this sounds like the (usual) labelling being confusing - and the sockets seeming to be the wrong way around - and potential out of phase problems.

After unplugging speaker leads, I usually reach for my HiFi Sound HFS75 test record to check the channels are correct and all is in phase. Which… of course… relies on me having got the Phono connections round the correct way… (but my 82 is at least more helpful being marked Left & Right, not just Ch1 & Ch 2 as my older 250 is…!)

In the first picture, it seems that the speakers are connected to the wrong sockets. See the picture below. Ch1 Left goes to the left speaker. Left means the speaker that’s on the left when you are in front of the speakers.

The vocals coming from the two speakers and not being in the middle is a different issue. Your speakers are probably too far apart. Try them about 2m apart and pointing straight forward. Then toe them in just enough to get a stable central image on vocals. This is just a general rule and you may need them closer together of further apart, depending on your listening position.

It’s good practice to get to know one’s system in how it should be wired-up and properly connected. In the excitement of the moment it’s all too easy to just rush things, not take your time and unknowingly wire the system out-of-phase. Reading the manual and understanding what the manual is saying is obviously your best guide here.


So, you will see from the above photo how the red and black plugs are a mirror image of each other for left and right often resulting in the speaker plugs not being connected correctly and endless confusion. Make sure left goes to the left speaker (looking towards the speakers) and that both wires for each speaker have the red and black connections matching. It’s a ridiculous configuration that causes endless confusion, but it is what it is.

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This. Yes…!!

It can also be useful to sometimes just look at how your system is connected - before changing things. A quick phone picture could have hours of frustration… :thinking:

Wasn’t there a member here once who thought they really enjoyed their system for years and then realised one day that he or she actually had it wired out-of-phase? Blimey, imagine that? Only to then finally have the system wired-up correctly, at which time, it would all then may be due for a service…

Thanks all,

the phase stuff was resolved by changing the SNAIC5 cable to Naim’s.
I used the third brand of SNAIC5 but, after changing cable to Naim, the mid image came well …

However, my SNAIC is an early version, so I need to get a new one.


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