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I’m trying to sort out wiring diagrams for all my boxes. Can anyone confirm left and right channels coming from the power amps. Are they swapped over i.e. looking at the front panel on the head unit does the port on the back (rightside) feed the left speaker and vise versa? Here’s a pic to help:

PS - I have dyslexia hence the issue I’m having understanding :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately some bits of the image (including some wiring details) are missing.

Incidentally I also am dyslexic! (Strange isn’t it how often some neurotypical people seem to believe that their particular view of the world is somehow ‘objectively correct’.)

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I think this post and the thread around it should help

There is also an amplification connection guide in the manuals section of the product page on the Naim website

Here the full diagram - I think it’s right and I assume NAIM use A and B on the back of the snaxo to save confusion!

Thanks Suedkiez that would certainly happen if I had my stack behind … I think :laughing: :upside_down_face:

Assuming that the amps and the SNAXO have their fronts facing into the room and their backs pointing toward the wall, then looking at the boxes from the front (i.e. the room side)…

The top row of outputs from the SNAXO go to the connections on the connections on the right hand side of the amplifiers, the bottom row of outputs go to the connections on the left hand side of the amplifiers.


2 Speakers:
A). If the amp is between the speakers:
The speaker cables cross over.


B). If the cables take the same route to the speakers:
The nearer set of speaker connections go to the nearer set of speaker terminals, the further set of speaker connections go to the furtherset of speaker terminals,

Thanks Xanthe that’s how I have it all connected. Always best to check!

If you are wondering why they seem the wrong way around, I asked this question about a year ago, and was told it’s all historic, from the days when the connectors would be at the front of the device, and so left side would go to left speaker, and so on.

Just thought I was wrong … thanks for the information GM

This always struck me slightly nonsensical as no Naim amp was ever designed to sit with the sockets facing forwards, with the possible exception of a tiny proportion of the very first units that were sold to commercial broadcasters. The other 99.99% of amps, mostly designed from scratch, were aimed entirely at the domestic market and putting the sockets on the wrong side clearly confused a good many people over the years.

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Certainly that’s one way to look at it, Another way is that Naim doesn’t always follow the crowd, and so someone stubbornly decided not to change the design. Stubbonness can be good, but only when you are right :wink:

It would help if they used L and R instead of Ch1 and Ch2, but sometimes people seem to lose all common sense when near Naim equipment. It’s not that hard to plug a few cables into the correct holes, following the manual. Or to plug in a Powerline so that it does not fall off. (Certain medical conditions excused)


I would include dyslexia (and other conditions of neurodiversity) in that list, particularly when the relevant instruction sets are written by neurotypical people!

That’s mostly why I had added it :slight_smile:

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:+1: :grin:

Looking from behind the amp if between speakers, is this the correct way? i.e. the speaker cables cross.

Yes. :+1:

Although Naim would advise using their plugs to terminate the cables so possibly not ‘correct’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your photo is a little unclear, but the wire to plug connection to channel 1 negative looks frayed. Some proper soldered connections to Naim plugs would be worth a try.

@Svetty @ChrisSU

Agreed some NACA5 and Naim plugs and at least 3.5m of cable would be good. :slightly_smiling_face: