Legacy Adaptor Cable

I’ve been mulling over whether to replace my ancient (but excellent) NAP 180 with a 250 DR. But now I think I might push the boat out and go for a used NC 250 (an upgrade every 30 years or so is reasonable, right?). This would be fronted by my NAC 82/HiCap.

At the moment, the output from the 82 goes to the rightmost socket on the HiCap (when viewed from the back) - let’s call that socket 1. Then a 4-pin DIN connects from socket 2 on the HiCap to the NAP 180.

Would someone please confirm (or not) that, if I were to go for the NC 250, I would need Legacy Adaptor Cable 00-010-0244 - which is actually a pair of 4-pin DIN to XLR cables - and they would connect to sockets 2 and 3 on the HiCap.

Thank you.

They are the ones you need. Sockets 2 and 3 as you suggest.

If you were to go with any other 250 (other than an NC250), you would not need to spend money on any extra, or special cables (whose cost you may not ever recover).

‘Any’ 250 will be a significant step up from a 180, IMHO… :neutral_face:

No Bad 250’s.