Legacy Remote Handset Pairing

Hi There.
I have a Naim Uniti Legacy as well as a NDX in the same rack. Both have the same remote handset.
When I change settings on either remote, both devices change simultaneously.
Is there a way to use the one remote to control both devices individually, or have each remote paired to one specific device?
I have tried different key sequences such as I, AUX and 1 together, but it did not seem to work.
Links to any papers or previous community questions would be great.
Thanks. David.

The simple answer is to put something in front of the green Naim logo to block the IR signal from the remote on the device you don’t want to use.

If this is a long term setup you can change the remote channel on the device you do want to use so that only that one is paired with your handset.

Could you confirm exactly which boxes you have, and what you are trying to do with the remote? Your profile states they are ND5XS2 and Nait XS3. The ND5XS2 doesn’t have a remote.

If you have an NDX and a legacy Uniti then they do use the same Narcom 4 remote and out of the box they are both set to use the same IR code.

But you can easily change one of them (either of them).

Turn off the product you want to reprogram. Then you turn it on again and when you see the splash screen (eg Uniti) show up on the green display, press simultaneously and hold for a second or so the following three keys:

Aux, i and 9.

(Could be any other number if you prefer).

Let go the three buttons after a second or so and now the product and the remote will be paired differently to your other unit.

To return to the default, you do the same thing as above but use the three buttons Aux, i and disp

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Thanks Guys. That’s all working good now. The step I missed was to press the three buttons while powering up.

I have the ND5XS2 in my main set up with the Nait XS3. The remote controls the amp with system automation as well, thru the ND5.

In my second setup in another room I have the Uniti (legacy) and the NDX. Both have remotes that now work individually.
You may be asking why do I have a streamer feeding a streamer. Well the Uniti only does 24/96 and I cannot upgrade to 24/192 because Naim cannot get the parts at the moment. (If you know someone who has an upgrade kit, please let me know). But the Uniti has a great Amp, CD, DAB and lots of inputs.
I purchased the NDX faulty. No power supply or Display. I have recently fixed them and now I have a fully functional NDX which sounds great. I just need to find a good use for it.

My next post will probably be related to controlling the UNITI from the NDX using the system Automation. It partially works.

I just love the way Naim connect and integrate all their comments.

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