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Hi, anyone have a view on max length of interconnect cables? My sofa location means I need a 5m headphone cable to get to the headphone amp. Should i use a longer than normal headphone cable, add an extension to the normal short one, or just move the headphone amp, though the latter would require its interconnect to be 5-6m long from the pre amp? It’s a 552 outputting into a Luxman then balanced to the HPs. Thx for your thoughts.

I think the general thinking is that you’d be better off with a short interconnect (low voltage) to the headphone amp and a long headphone extension cable. That has at any rate always worked well for me. It’s also a more versatile solution in terms of wondering around the room while plugged by in.

Thanks, part of the difficulty is finding high end balanced headphone cables longer than 3m. It makes you wonder if there is a reason why they stop there.

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Well I guess with headphones there would be two key considerations… whether balanced, or unbalanced (‘single ended’), and impedance. If the headphone has a higher impedance, then longer cables are probably better than if the headphone has low impedance. Balanced leads also being more suited to long leads… but in practice I suspect upto 5 metres there would be marginal difference.

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I have just asked Meze the same question - could they provide a 6 to 7m balanced cable and what would be the maximum practical length without affecting sound quality. Will post the response…

Meze stated the maximum length they recommend is around 10m and that 6 to 7m would not affect the sound.


Thank you, i appreciate the feedback

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