Lengthy repair time - What is the expected lead time for RMA in the UK?


Would anyone has any experience in regards to lead time to complete a repair? I have experienced quite a few issue with my Naim Uniti Nova due to problematic firmware updates - I seem to have hit different issues with each Firmware updates causing system freeze - and finally the amp seems to have given up few weeks ago.

It has now been more than 3 weeks my unit has been sent to repair, and there’s no ETA in sight provided by Naim. My dealer told me that another customer sent his unit back in November and he only received now notification that the unit is ready to be returned - This means he had to wait more than 2 months.

What is a normal lead time? Maybe am I just used to shorter lead time from other brands, and I’m just being impatient?


Don’t forget there was a two week shutdown over Christmas/New Year. In the UK in my experience, you can reckon about 3-4 weeks plus a couple of days each end for the courier. So say 4-5 weeks altogether. But it obviously depends how busy they are and whether the fault is intermittent or not.

Your dealer should be able to get an estimate from Naim if he calls them.



Same time for a straightforward service, with no repair element, do you think?

I’m not an expert, but you’re talking about a Nova with odd behaviour, so that’s a repair in my mind. Of course they could just put a new main board in it or swap it for a new one which would be quicker. Maybe @Richard.Dane has a better idea of the time than me.



I’m not based at HQ so I don’t know what the estimated service turnaround time is currently. I do know that Naim were closed for the Christmas hols And normally there’s quite an influx of kit in for service upon their return. Best to liaise with your dealer. Failing that, phone the factory with your RMA details at hand.

Before Xmas I sent my Star back for ongoing issues similar to yours. Previously it had been sent to Naim in the spring of last year due to locking up etc, came back with several new parts but the problems still occuring . Naim told me during a series of emails it was likely a firmware issue so I held of sending back until the Firmware update, this made no difference. Due to various reasons didn’t get round to sending it back for another repair until end of November.

I just got my Star back (Tuesday this week) after over 6 weeks with Naim being repaired, was told it would take so long because a part was out of stock, so was without the Star over Xmas. Got it back, set it up and started playing music, that evening I noticed the clock had stuck at the hour I set it up, minutes were accurate, so rebooted it and it displayed correct time. The next day (Wednesday) I was ripping some CDs and got a message on the screen saying rip had failed because of a system error. Then yesterday (Thursday) one of the problems it went back for repair has reappeared, being when you turn it on, the front panel is blank and besidesthe on/off button working unit is unresponsive, it is the same with the remote control. Now waiting to find out what Naim intend to do to rectify this issue, my dealer has contacted them again on my behalf, which seems to be the best way to get something done by Naim.

When it works it is great and I highly rate it but frequent locking up etc., are not acceptable to me, rarely does it go a week where it doesn’t require powering down and up to clear a problem. As someone who has continiously owned Naim gear since the early 80s, I have a long history with them and have been very happy with them, this experience is very disappointing. Up to now, if someone asked me what I thought about Naim I would always recommend they seriously considered it, now I am not sure I would because of my recent experiences.

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Paul that’s sad to hear that these issues are going on for so long…hope you get them sorted soon

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I sent an email to Naim support about an issue with NDX2 system automation in December and other than the automated response to say they received it I’ve heard nothing. I have mostly given up on getting a reply at this point. It’s not a showstopper issue, so I guess I’ll just live with it.

I always go to Naim via my dealer…they seem to get through on a different phone number and have a good relationship with whoever they deal with.

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I guess I can’t complain too much after I read Paul’s experience. It is my first Naim after swapping from another famous Scottish brand starting with “L”.
I think I would have gone mad after sending it back so many times. My dealer moved away 45mn drive from me so having to send it back without a permanent fix would be a no-no. I think you have the patience of a saint tbh.
You are right, I also think the issue from poor Firmware updates. I had no problem whatsoever with the original factory one, and all my problems started after my first update.
Will wait and see how it goes after I get the unit back. I hope it won’t take 2 months or I will just go back to my former brand.

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