Lessons from history

A time reminder from when my cottage was built (approximately).


That seems a bit odd Camphuw,
"… urged into their lodgings by Her Magesty’s men
& … “Samuel Pepys Dairies - 1664

I expect there was some minor outbreaks of bubonic, but their was no plague (as such) in 1664 - the ‘Great Plague’ (bubonic) lasted from 1665 to 1666
Problem is that “her” majesty in 1664 was Charles-II (1630–1685)

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Good point - must dig out my first edition of the diaries.

Indeed, the Pepys website does not record such a statement. Still it has a nice ring to it. https://www.pepysdiary.com/search/?q=&k=d&o=r

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Such beautiful language!

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Currently reading the Origin of Species and it is an equal joy.

Given the year ended on 25 March in those days it could well have been 1665 by the Gregorian Calendar when he wrote. Given the Gregorian Calendar was introduced in 1582 to Catholic Europe it is surprising that it took nearly 200 years to replace the Julian Calendar. It took the Calendar (New Style) Act 1750 to bring the change into effect, without any reference to Pope Gregory.

It appears that there was a lot of misinformation about even then, particularly concerning losing the time from the 26 March till the 5 April which became the new end of the tax year. The act also made 1 January the beginning of the New Year.

It came into Law (Royal Asset) on this day (27 May) 1751 with effect from 1 January 1752. Scotland had been celebrating new year on that day since 1600!


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… might well be Filipe, not even sure how this started.
Whatever, my other point cannot be disputed.
… “her” majesty in 1664 was Charles-II (1630–1685)

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