Let It Be (finally!)

Not sure how many of you are aware, but Michaerl Lindsay-Hogg’s original 1970 film Let It Be is to be released by Disney+ on 8th May. It’s going to be fascinating to see how it compares with Jackson’s Get Back. I’m looking forward to watching it, because last time I saw it was on a crappy VHS bootleg about 30 years ago.

It also raises hopes we might get some sort of special GB/LIB blu-ray deluxe package:


Can’t wait.

Much excitement!

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Does that mean that an ‘improved’ version of the LP will be issued?

How many shots at it do they get before someone says that it was as below par and turgid as Abbey Road but with a worse production?

Is that a new diversity acronym? :wink:

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I honestly wonder at times if I’m a bit dyslexic. :thinking:

Last watched this with a friend as a 12-year old when BBC2 gave it a viewing in '82. We were expecting something akin to ‘Help!’ - imagine our disappointment.

Half way through we were heard to mutter, “when are they going to run around?”

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Just finished watching it. Much, much better than I remember it being when I last saw it thirty-plus years ago. There’s very little duplication with Get Back. Well worth watching.


It was remixed last year and reissued on multiple formats including LP.

Well the colour was much brighter but not necessarily accurate. The sound was better but so what. All the better to hear the Beatles in their turgid period? It wasn’t a great film then and it certainly isn’t now. It’s an interesting document but, as we now know, a very partial view. There was some obvious overlap with Get Back and some less obvious. I guess that, for me, simply highlighted what could have been. When I watched the original I’d no great desire to see it again ever. Persuaded myself otherwise last night and I was wrong.

The Emperor never was wearing new clothes and the Emperor is still not wearing new clothes, imho.

Still recall my best mate and I crowding around his telly at 15:10 on 8 May 1982 (he had a colour set, whereas I still had b/w). The Beeb decided to broadcast ‘Let it Be.’

We were then 12-year old fans who were still exploring the Fabs’ back catalogue. We were expecting something like ‘Help!’ and were distinctly underwhelmed. One of us bemoaned, ‘when are they going to start running around?’

Haven’t watched it since (though tempted, since I now own a colour TV). Did enjoy ‘Get Back’.