Levelling a turntable without unlevelling a rack or adjustable feet

As simple as it sounds. You’ve got stuff on the rack. The rack is dead level. The CD player on the rack is level. The shelf the turntable is on is level. The turntable isn’t. It happens. You want to adjust the turntable to compensate but the feet are not adjustable.

So what do you do? The turntable is a bit more than “shove post it notes under the back feet” sort of level. But not really at a “make the rack look fugly with a [insert third party isolation contraption here] platform” sort of level.

It can’t be so uncommon a problem to solve surely. Ideas? Experience?

FWIW, I’m using pennies under the back feet at the moment but it’s driving my OCD nuts. You know, because that ain’t what pennies are for.

Bespoke Aluminium Shim Specialists exist online.


That such a thing exist! And not expensive either and made in every metal imaginable. Cheers @JimDog


Mana reference table and top would sort that out.

Are the feet on your turntable removeable?

If so, I would remove the relevant foot and put the shim between it and the turntable, rather than just under the foot on your rack.
Less visible, particularly if the firm mentioned about does custom shims.

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I’ve got the same problem (And the OCD to go with it). The feet on my SRM Tech base are adjustable but I like to have them wound in tight. I have settled on a bit of folded paper under one foot (spikey thing). I am just learning to live with it.

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The design of the feet doesn’t allow for that. They’re like a sprung silicone core that feeds into a wider aluminium absorber that visually is the “foot” but doesn’t come in contact with the plinth. There’s nothing to fit a shim between there.

If a shim is good enough to go between foot and shelf for the 500 series (Naim supply them for that range) then I’m fine with @JimDog 's advice. No need to overthink the solution.

Understood, only a suggestion.

Is it your Technics or the Teac? I haven’t checked the GR, but the G definitely has adjustable feet. They just need a bit of encouragement to get moving through the initial part of their travel

When my LP12 sat on a piece of furniture which was not level, many years ago, I used UK 1/2 p’s. These are about the same size of my LP12’s rubber feet.

I still have them… but don’t use them, now I have a dedicated TT stand… :smiley:

It’s the TEAC. The Technics setup is hunky dory.

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Oh that wasn’t meant like that. More like, “I’ve got a simple solution and am happy as a beaver.”

All suggestions are good suggestions.

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If the TT has 4 feet, are they all in firm contact with the shelf? If yes then shims will make wobbly…
I would have thought that levelness is more critical for a TT than CD player, and very significantly so than for amps, streamers etc. on that basis I suggest adjust the rack to level the TT d don’t worry about everything else - it won’t be visible unless TT is very un-level, in which case the cause of the TT’s crookedness would bear investigation.

I suspect the rear feet (silicone) suffer uneven compression during the move and months in storage. The rear is down on both corners about the same.

The CD player is mostly used as a DAC for the streamer so adjusting the shelving is possible. But I think shims will work.

Glad my solstice is prblem free in this area :wink: 3 nicely adjustable feet make it simple to level :rofl:

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