Life after Nova


I can’t recommend @Sloop_John_B use of DSP enough. I am in my 6th decade and have lived a life around noisy military aircraft. Roon DSP has enabled me to up the db of frequency bands that I may struggle with. And as a bonus allowed me to tune the music to mine and the rooms liking.

And in the DSP world, you aren’t taking anything away from the stream of information; you’re not losing information.

Age also brings its own sensitivities, particularly in the mids and highs. EQing (as the kids call it) enables us to tweak and A/B compare to our heart’s content.

I boggle at a comment about a $2K cable that has ‘heightened’ this’ or ‘improved the bass’ that. I can do that with DSP for nowt!

Joking aside, I do like a nice expensive cable!



Hi @Protegimus may I ask what the source was on your SN3 for the comparison with Nova?

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It was the Nova! Nova through the integrated amplifier first, then Nova streaming through the Supernait 3.
For reference, I also auditioned the NDX2 through the SN3 as a comparison; the source I ended up going with.

Ah ok so there were two pre-amps in use, one in the Nova and the other in the SN3? Could be why the difference. Unless you can bypass the pre in the Nova ?

Don’t overlook the fact that the SN3 was also auditioned using a NDX2 as its source, the Nova was tested with an alternative amplifier and the NDX2 was auditioned with an alternative amplifier so it was a level playing field.

What was clear is that the Nova is capable of supporting a step up in amplification quality through its analogue outputs. Credit to the design of its streaming and analogue stages. How big a step you take or the specific sound you are looking for should be determined by auditioning in combination with different amplification.


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