Lifestyle downsize of Hi-Fi system

Well I’ve reached the time of life for a downsize, not only in home but in the Hi-Fi sense as well. For the last 30 years(ish) we have enjoyed a full Linn setup (LP12, Karik, Numerik, twin Klouts, LK100 and active Kabers) which we love. I am now thinking that I might replace that set up (mostly) with a Naim system of some sort.

Over the past few years we have bought a Unity core and a couple of Musos to go in different rooms and we really like to sound of the Naim gear. (The Core works really well in the Linn system paired with a Chord DAC after the Numerik blew up!)

Ideally I would like a single box streamer solution that I can connect the LP12 and a TV to with a pair of small(ish) speakers. This would enable me to continue to make use of the Core and the Musos.

I am considering the Naim Nova and will probably go and do some listening at my local dealer.

What are the views of other forumites? Any speaker suggestions? (I know Naim favour Focal, but I have no experience of them)

Am I right to assume that I can connect the LP12 to a Nova (with a preamp?) and that I could then “multiroom” that, or can you only “multiroom” something streamed or from the core?

Grateful for any views.

Some forum members use the Nova with PMC speakers and are very happy with the combo.

There is HDMI and TOSLINK inputs so you can connect the TV. Also there is a pair of analogue RCAs so you could connect the LP12 via a Phono Amp.

This would give you two boxes, alternately you could look at Linn DSMs as they have an in-built phono amp, which would give you one box.

Hope this helps.



I am very happy with my Nova and it sounds ideal for you. I can’t help with multirooming vinyl as I’ve never tried. It’s enough trouble getting up off the sofa to change a record let alone going back to another room! :grinning: I mostly use multi room to stream Quobuz to my 1st generation Muso.
As for Focal speakers, I don’t like the sound of the big expensive ones that look like deformed fridges but the cheaper <£3k ones can be very good so don’t rule them out for a Nova.


Would also be interested in thoughts about the difference in sound quality of the Nova, Star and Atom.

The Nova digitises its analogue input, so you can multiroom it to any other Naim streamer including your Musos.

A TV will connect to a Nova using either HDMI ARC or optical. The latter is more reliable, although HDMI, when it works, gives you automatic input switching and integrated volume control.

The same applies to the Atom and Star. The Nova does have better sound quality, and the ability to drive more demanding speakers.


How about a NSC 222 with active speakers? Keeps one box and I suspect minimal SQ loss.

PMC new active twenty5is???


I did this with a Nova, the Analogue to Digital conversion is not noticeable, though you will need a decent quality phono stage

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I run a Nova with PMC Twenty5.23s, the previous generation speaker before the 23i, and am very happy with that as a system. (I don’t use the turntable input, that goes into the main system.)


I guess a 222 with a pair of the new PMC Active 25’s has to be worth a serious look.

Good luck and ATB, J


Its a good option if your vinyl / Streaming ratio is less than 30%. If above, would look for alternative…like SN3 or other brand too.

PS : As listening 80% of vinyl i’ve moved from Nova to something different and very happy with my setup now.

CONS : Not anymore a “one box” solution

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Whilst one’s home might end up being too big after fledgelings leave the nest or for other reasons the number of occupants shrinks, making a smaller home more fitting, I am unclear as to why any time of life should dictate a downsize or downgrade of hi-fi, unless about to have to move into a care home?


The current Linn system dominates the sitting room. The stack takes up room and the speakers draw your eye to them even when not listening. I just want something more unobtrusive, but that still sounds good. I don’t have the luxury ( and am unlikely to) of a dedicated listening room as much as I would like one!


Go from the ridiculous to the sublime, try a Nait 50 , it drives my speakers (Harbeth P£ESR ) easily , it can easily accommodate a quality streamer


Different times, different needs



Only the Unitis (Atom, Star, Nova) digitise their analogue input, so if multiroom from your turntable matters to you, they are your only option.

Health / mobility / finance all play a part, plus consider your wife / partner, my best mate has just had to move from a large detached house in to an adapted bungalow due to his wife’s health issues, these things happen, life is not always rosey.


I suppose I’m saying that music has always had such a presence in my life, with hifi system a fundamental part of that (and has gradually improved over the decades), and with hifi system central to my home, that I can’t conceive of wanting to diminish its quality in any way. (Physical size itself of course is wholly unimportant, other than that for the sound quality speakers inevitably are large.)


Indeed some things other than having to go into a care home may force change, and I should perhaps have acknowledged some other possibilities – however I would not describe them as time of life, rather they are unfortunate circumstances. I still don’t think I would downsize/downgrade my system for as long as I have room to house and use it and am fortunate enough to still have the ability to play it and appreciate it.


Precisely. We have a lounge, well more of an open plan downstairs and the hi fi is pride of place. Used every day. We have no TV…… give me music any day and TVs are REALLY ugly things!

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I can empathise with that. For over 35 years we have had a multibox system that dominated the sitting room. In autumn 2022 I ditched the lot and bought a Noca and some PMC twenty5.21i speakers. It sounds more than good enough and it’s easily possible to enjoy immersive music. It still costs the best part of £8,000 so it really ought to be good. @DiggyGun has done a similar thing at a higher level, with a Linn Selekt and active Kudos speakers. So go for it, and never mind those who suggest you need a massive setup to enjoy great music, or that a Nova is lifestyle rubbish.