Lifting Technique

Guess I’ll leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to others from now on. No more manuals for me!

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At least Naim gear is lighter than some alternatives…

Manhandling a 29.5 kg Bryston amp was a challenge, especially fitting into a cupboard. But that was nothing compared to my present Musical Fidelity amp at 40Kg. I use a home-made “dolly” - a board on castors - with additional spacers on top to rise to the level of the shelf in my cupboard, and slide in.

Speakers also challenging, Worst potentially were 60kg IMFs, except their recessed terminal panel high on the rear and metal grille surround on the front provided handholds making surprisingly easy to lift a little, and they were fitted with castors. Present PMCs at 49kg to be lifted onto 14 1/2 inch stands single handedly took a bit more ingenuity, having no handholds. I contrived something of similar height onto which I could lift the base from horizontal, then lift the top to orientate correctly, and finally slide onto the stands.

The key with all lifting is to be aware what you’re doing, not to lift with your back or back bent, and plan it first, thinking of approaches to assist, especially if on your own.

Or, If HH was being serious, then perhaps he has single-handedly solved the mystery about what the question was in the first place (being ‘how to lift a Naim?’). In Hitchhikers Guide, this was the sole task for which the earth and humans were built, so if that purpose is complete, then now what? :slight_smile: :thinking:

Back on topic, my method of lifting 3 of my 40kg boxes is to yell out to my 16 y.o. son to ‘come and giviz a hand mate’

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I think he means in the Hitchhikers Guide

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