Lifting Technique

Excuse the n00b question here, but…

Where in the manual do Naim explain the proper lifting technique for the equipment? :weight_lifting_man:

I’m worried I’m not doing it right. :cold_sweat:
Some of this stuff is heavy and I’m hoping someone can point me at a page number. :mag:

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For clarity: I’m trying to stack my streamer on top of my 552 on top of a non-fraim rack. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@HungryHalibut I think you are the best person to help here Nigel! :grinning:

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I don not think they do.

Firm grip, keep it level - would be my suggestion.

Generally, most of the weight is to the right, where the transformers are.


Stick your butt out.
Secure said component

I imagine that’s what my HSE practioner will advice


get your dealer to throw his back while you film him doing it


It’s on page 42.


I still cannot find it. Neither of my manuals even have a page 42? :confused:

I use the Samurai warrior vocal technique.
Engaging the tensions building up in the muscle groups needed along with a deep lung “ooooooh” vocalisation. With a sharp “su” outburst coinciding with the lift.
This helps me to focus my energies.


And to show you just how hard I’m looking for it, I’ve even enlisted Ron Carter’s help.

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I’m trying this now: twist and jerk.

…All the power comes from the lower back :melting_face:

You’ve got the idea. :wink:

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Always be mindful of your abilities.
You’re not going to get a medal for being a hero by doing it on your own. Get someone to help you and avoid extra costs with chiropractic appointments.

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Sage advice.

Still can’t find the info on page 42 in any manual. I’ve read em all, too. @HungryHalibut perhaps you could paste a screen shot of what you’re referencing.

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Down in the knees.

Keep a straight back.

And a straight face.

(And get a friend to help.)

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A good start

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Found page 42 for you;


Good dealers provide manual handling training for Naim owners. I have a certificate and a free risk assessment manual.

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Not forgetting to keep your back straight and use the muscle leavers in arms and legs to lift objects


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When I home demo’d a vitus 101 mk2 I had to get help from my neighbour to get it from the car to the equipment table (and back again). It’s getting on for 40kg, so definitely a two person lift in my book. A (albeit small) tick in the minus column when comparing it with my 52/300… It sounded good though.

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I think HH is making a humerous reference to Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ where the answer to ‘life, the world & the universe’ (or something like that), is 42.

I don’t think he was being serious.