Lightning remote

got a new remote today. is the lighting green now?

I have an NDX2 from 2018 with serial 444xxx and green lights on the remote. Had a Nova on loan from the dealer with serial 423xxx (which puts it into 2017), that one had white remote lights.

Not sure if difference is between year or models, but would make sense that Uniti has white lights and Classic has green ones. Maybe you got an NDX2 one

I have a Brand News Nova with white light with an mechanical Problem. So my dealer ordered a new one and this Is Green. I ask him

We had a couple of people with similar issues about 2 years ago.

Focal-Naim America provided me a green version a long time ago.

My Uniti Atom has the remote with white lights.

As far as Naim are concerned - white is definitely the new green.

I hope the new ones ARE green - as any reversal of that trend would be good!

Standard issue is green for separate streamers, white for Unitis, to match the lights on the boxes.

Statement as white lights. Matches the units themselves.

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