Display Color of Remote Control of NDX 2

My assumption is that remote colour setting on NDX2 if there is one, will be in Naim app, under other settings, then remote, perhaps than choose colour?

So, I can’t find any settings to change it, in either the App or through the settings on the NDX2 screen. There might be some weird way of doing it by holding several keys on the remote whilst standing on one foot.

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Ditto. I changed my NXD2 display to green to see if the remote would automagically follow suit. Nada.

Interesting, this is from Naim NDX2 support pages, remote is illuminated green same as the NDX2

I want my green zigbee! :frowning_face:

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Mine is green but I’m sure the dealers one is white.

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White is the new green.

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You should have received with your NDX 2 a remote which is illuminated green. Can you please raise a ticket with the Naim support team and they will arrange for a replacement. Can you provide the team with the serial number of your NDX 2 when you talk with them.



Mystery resolved, thanks @roland.brewer

I bought a NDX2 in the U.S. Should I also have received a green illuminated remote? It was a refurbished unit, but it looked new, and all the accessories, cable and remote were still in a sealed bag.

@JosquinDesPrez, can you please contact naim support and include the serial number of your NDX 2 and they will advise you if the remote can be swapped. Thanks


@roland.brewer: Thank you very much for your advice.

I have sent off an email to my dealer and the Focal-Naim rep about it. Thanks.

Sounds like they shipped with Uniti remotes by mistake.

Naim support in the U.S. say this is the first they heard of a Uniti Remote shipped in a NDX2 package. They don’t have stock but are ordering the correct one for me.

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My dealer informed me that my replacement remote is on the way. The green will look cooler, but more importantly I will also have the correct accessory in case I ever want to sell my NDX2 to upgrade.


I spoke to Naim tech support and they said that the remote colour is a function of the unit’s age. Later models were shipped with green. Mine is September 2018 and is white

Mine fresh out of the box today is backlit green. What a lovely remote it is!


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Naim N.A. (Audio Plus) replaced mine with the green version. My NDX2 is a 2018 model. The white one ships with Uniti units.

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