Lightning Storms!

BBC Weather seems to predict storms (with graphics of lightning flashes) with increasing frequency in recent months.

It would not be surprising that such storms are becoming more common due to global warming.

But there hardly ever seems to be actual lightning when these storms occur here in the far North West of England.

I have stopped unplugging my system every time I see lightning on the BBC app because it cries wolf so often now.

Have others noticed this too?

Does anyone understand the BBC app and whether it’s changed its way of showing lightning?

I use the met office app on maps setting.
You can use My Lightning Tracker app on the radar setting too. :+1:t2:

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One of the weather presenters on the Beeb recetly said the Met Office’s 5-day f/c is now something like 90% accurate. Well, given the way the local area weather f/c detailing for my area changes day on day, with often radical updated changes in f/c for days 2/3/4/5, I can only believe it’s accurate as to 1-day ahead. Many times this year it’s been f/c to rain, sometimes heavily, and nada!

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The BBC app does seem rather conservative, with frequent warnings. Too many I would say.

Today we have high winds and heavy rain predicted but I was surprised that there were no yellow warnings as there usually is when the weather is a bit miserable.

Not directly related to lightning storms, but I did look into the predicted wind speeds measure. When it is shown in white it is an average speed (up to 20 knots or so). When shown in black it is predicted peak gusts (above 40 knots or so). Hardly obvious to a typical user!

I cycled along the coast for 50 mins yesterday to attend an all-day work meeting starting at 9am.

The BBC app showed gusting up to 50 mph winds and a thunder storm.

I was (as predicted) quite wet on arrival! :grinning:


I have 3 weather Apps and found them all to be wholly unreliable. It would seem to me, that if there is the slightest chance of a particularly unpleasant weather phenomenon, then the BBC one will lead with that ever time. I often find that this is totally spurious in most cases.
So saying, they have been perversely pretty correct about the rain in Derbyshire this week. As such, we have decided to come home a day early🤷🏻‍♂️

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The BBC weather app is a forecast, in other words, this is what they expect, but it might (& does) change, it’ll very likely rain, but forecasting lightning is very hit and miss.
But if they are forecasting that conditions are right for lightning, better safe than sorry.
I also look at Weather Radar, this gives a moving radar track of weather over the last 2 hours and also logs all ground lightning strikes. Lightning tends to travel as a cell, so the track can be estimated, if it’s heading my way, I unplug, but if it looks like it’s a miss, maybe not.


Whenever in UK in recent years (I guess since BBC ended its relationship with them ) I have found Met Office noticeably more reliable than BBC weather, and so abandoned bothering with BBC weather altogether.

There are several lightning apps for smartphones: I have My Lightning Tracker and LiveLightning on mine.


On Monday night between approximately 1:00 - 2:00 am in north London we experienced a very intense thunder and lightning storm. Don’t recall when I last witnessed such an intensity of lightning. What struck me was the contrast between the first period when there was complete calm and the second period when the wind suddenly whipped up into storm force, accompanied by extremely heavy rain - all driven onto my not quite closed bedroom window with messy results!


Monday night was great. I loved it.

Another ‘My Lightning Tracker’ user here. Very impressed with its accuracy in several parts of the world where I have used it.

I’m a long time user of the Met Office app. It used to be pretty accurate but I find it decreasingly so. These days they refresh their predictions on a near hourly basis. The trick seems to be to look for a day, a few days out, where the forecast is more static, for doing any major outside work.


I think weather forecasts are basically incorrect. They change too much, even if you check the forecast in the morning, you can’t rely on it as it’s all changed later on.

I think now that they have become very complex and elaborate weather reporting apps.


Try Ventusky.

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Not surprised the BBC feel the Met office is 90% accurate considering the BBC uses the inferior (imho) weather forecasts from the metro group headquartered in Holland !

Just downloaded Ventusky.

Can you say briefly what you like about it.

I like the visuals very much and it seems to be quite accurate.


I tend use the BBC weather App as a worst case scenario for what’s coming.

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I find the Met Office app, fairly accurate for where I live but as others have said it does keep updating the forecast much more often now, so I tend to look at it more often now. I wonder if this is because climate change is making the weather harder to accurately predict these days.

“Weather” as a word is a polysemous word.
Other than it’s contronyms of “to endure” or “to wear away.” It also literally means the observation of.
No wonder there’s confusion.