Linear Power Supply recommendations

Hi. I’ve read some reviews about Paul Hynes. It seems their LPSUs are very expensive. In my case I just want to experiment with mid-priced LPSU to check If I’ll see difference at all.

But thanks for suggestion. I collect all the information from this thead and I’ll possibly use some of the suggested LPSU’s in the future upgrades.

Hi Luc,

No problems.

This is a rabbit hole I dived deep into. Over the time I was doing this I primarily used LPSU from SBooster and ZeroZone, although I have others.

I found the chains are remarkably sensitive to change not only twixt network and DAC but within the HiFi itself AND in the server.

Ultimately I found that the dCS Netwrok Bridge sounded as good as my network of widgets and was FAR neater, although at a price premium.

I ended up trying a Linn Klimax Renew DS/1 which reduced my box count even further, and have happily been simply listening to music since; especially as it is inured to any backend fiddling.

The only place I use an LPSU today is on my HiFi ring main, where I have no cheap noisy SMPS.


But, it is intellectually very stimulating.

Good luck.


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There is no particular majic to LPS design…simple chip regulator with good smoothing capacitors…and ancillaries…and away you go … some mains input filtering helps…these have it built in. Look closely at the booster…its not a whole lot different. The only way to substantively improve things is to use one of those American super regulator chips…which has close to DR levels of noise rejection.

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Not agree here. I tested the Israeli one, hdplex, and Uptone js2. On the unitserve, the Uptone sounded clearly better.
However, to power a little switch, the differences are less pronounced, but still there.

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I‘ve noticed that some LPSUs have regulated voltage. Some of them have small LED screen with voltage number. Voltage can be adjusted, for example 12V, 19V, 24V… It is very convenient if you want to experiment by powering different devices.

Does anybody know, are they the same quality as unregulated voltage LPSU‘s? They should have some extra circuit for voltage regulation and maybe this can (possibly) worsen sound quality.

I think you may need to differentiate between regulated and adjustable. The former ciuld improve performance while the latter ciuld degrade while, however, improving versatility

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I also have a Keces P3. I use the 5V output for a Network Filter and the 12v output for a Lumin L1 NAS. I also bought upgraded cables to connect the P3 to the devices.

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