Linear Power Supply recommendations

Good afternoon,

I decided to do some testing with linear power supplies. I would like to use them for my router and TV box. Not sure if that will improve something in sound quality and/or TV video quality, but just want to experiment for my own interest.

I checked EBay and there are massive amount of low noise linear power supplies from China in price range 40-100 Eur. And also there are a lot of Europe/USA made linear power supplies on the market for at about 100-500 Eur.

Can Chinese models compete with EU/USA models? Has anybody tried Chinese models and gotten good results? Maybe you could recommend exact model of Chinese LPS?

By the way, Chinese models look really good, with perfect looking photos of inside circuits and have a lot of good reviews, but that is not convincing, because they are made in China… :slight_smile:

I‘ve just checked another well-known online shop and found huge variety Chinese linear power supplies in much higher price range (100-900 eur). So it seems that LPS models from China can be very expensive also…

I have read many online forumites (not this one) commenting that their addition of an LPS made no or very little difference to sound quality and concluding that this was a general rule. But adding a Sean Jacobs Custom HiFi Cables DC3 to my Roon Nucleus+ resulted in a clear “black box” lift in performance from clarity, detail, texture and dynamism through to a lower noise floor.

You get what you pay for…

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If you’re sharing a mains supply with a Naim system, perhaps the biggest advantage of even a basic linear supply is replacing a noisy wall wart SMPS, something the big linear supplies inside the Naim boxes will thank you for.


Hi Richard, I fully agree with you on that buy I like to add that the first step would be a dedicate line from distribution point… A good quality 3x4 mm cable will be the corner Stone.

It is a good idea to replace wall wart SMPS and I think it is best to buy higher quality stuff made locally while you still can…

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The Zerozone Chinese made LPS’s are great for things like routers, etc (I use a 12V, 6a one on my roon NUC). But for streamer endpoints, dc powered DACs, etc I would look to use something better.

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You seem to be french, not ? I personally couldn’t connect a linear ps to my router and tv box, which are constructed specially ( SFR box ).
One of the best for the money are Chinese Hdplex 200 or 400 w. Two outputs can be connected.
But they are several cheaper ones…

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I’m not french, but I’ve checked router and TV box power connections and they are “standard”. So it would be no problem to connect linear power supply.

Seems that Hdplex is really good choice, because I found more people mentioned it as good power supply (in other forums).


Thank to everyone for suggestions.

The HDPlex range of power supplies are currently difficult to order, either via a retailer, or directly on the HDPlex website. These LPSU are well reviewed elsewhere.

I’ve put linear power supply’s on my modem / Cisco 2960
All made a noticeable difference the ones I used came from Israel.
Very happy with them.

Hi Luc,

As no-one has mentioned them:
The King of LPSU are reputedly the Paul Hynes, with the SR7 being the top of the heap; when I last looked there was a ten month wait.

If you go over to Audio Bacon they did an excellent in depth review of some of the best known LPSU.

An issue with the Chinese LPSU is that they don’t have the proper safety certifications.



That’s probably something that falls outside of forum AUP.

If you’re thinking of a linear power supply to replace the wall-wart SMPS then I would strongly advise you only buy kit that is from a known supplier/maker and is compliant with safety regs.

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I use a hdplex 200w, as I wanted an easy way to power a Lumin streamer, RME DAC and network switch from one outlet and remove smps supplies from my hifi spur.

It has 4 outputs, 2 of which are adjustable which makes it a very flexible solution, and to me the system sounds great


I have used 2 chinese sub £70 lps for both roon nuc and wd mycloud…for me made a really big difference.

I found this excellent…

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I’ve just recently purchased a Keces P3 , it powers both my Linksys switch and my Synology NAS. What was appealing is that I could connect two devices. The P3 comes in multiple configurations. I have a 5V switch and a 12V NAS. I tested first with just the NAS and then connected the switch. Made a nice improvement, improved the dynamics and revealed some things in my music that I have never heard before. I’ll eventually get a Nordost Red Dawn power cable for it to match the cables on my 272 and 250. Definitely worth checking out.

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EU Safety standards, guarantee, Q control. You pay for what you get couldnt be truer in this case as in so many.
The IFI SMPS and FRIWO gives a superb upgrade in SQ without the risk of buying often sub-standard electrical goods and they are just as cheap if not cheaper.

My IFI SMPS was a clear box upgrade for 50.00 only. I couldnt believe the uplift in SQ with it and i wrote about it a while ago on this forum. The active noise cancellation in the plug leading to a noise free system was a bonus too. Im further gonna improve SQ by earthing the DC leakage and using a 75 mix ferrite on the cable too.
Amazing VFM upgrade.