Linking TV through Unitiqute 2?

Any tips? Its a new tv, can I stream audio to hifi or wired? Thanks in advance.

Just looking at the back of my UQ2, does the TV have digital out?
Co-ax or optical inputs on the UQ2 would work then.

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Yes tv has optical output, will give that a go thanks.

I have one UQ2 and use the optical link

I use digital optical out from my TV to my UnitiQute2

My telly connects to the digital input of the UQ just make sure you set the audio on the TV to PCM.

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I do the same too. My LG TV allows me to amend the ‘delay’ (can’t remember correct technical term) to get the lip sync right.

You can also ‘map’ the different inputs to each source button on the remote (via the UQ setup) so that ‘TV’ does indeed select the right input.

Thanks all! Waiting for postie to deliver lead then will get hooked up.

So, all wired up but doesn’t sound that good? Music via tv is a million miles off the quality of Spotify stream or iRadio. Quite disappointed really, assume gubbins in tv is just poor quality?

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