LINN 50th Anniversary LP12

A new 50th anniversary of the LP12 has been announced, a design evolution with Jony Ive with LoveFrom. Fully story in the Blog section of the Linn website :slight_smile: Overall, I quite like the changes, but disappointing there are no flutes though. A 50K rumoured price.


Wow - puts the NAIT 50 price into perspective. At least they’ve kept the red and green LEDs…

Yes, agree. Also, it makes the Solstice look a veritable bargain!

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I can’t buy one of those, as the Armageddon rectangular ‘NA’ plastic replacement for the power switch won’t fit the circular switch position at the bottom left corner.

And Mr Ive has rounded off the corners of the plinth, the top plate and the armboard too. (Incidentally, has Mr Ive left Apple, or has he just been let out for a spot of 'moonlighting at Linn Products?)

The deck will be an absolute steal at a mere £50k! I may buy a couple or three, then sell them (unused) in a few years’ time at a huge mark-up once Linn have sold all theirs .

True, but you can’t buy a Solstice any more!

Thanks for posting this. The video on Linn’s website is well worth watching. The deck has a new ‘bedrok’ plinth made from compressed wood, and it will be interesting to see if this gets rolled out further. Metal hinges and a solid aluminium switch. It all looks very lovely.

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Does “Bedrok” imply that Fred and Barney were also involved in the design with Mr Ive?


Not remotely. Theirs looks like this :blush:



Monstrosity :rage:

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I have read the self-aggrandising guff on the Linn Products website for the 50th Anniversary LP12. What a load of complete tosh!

And their copywriters can’t even spell the notion of “first come, first served” properly - do they think that they’re describing a game of tennis? Utter morons!


Some dealers still have stock.

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Its not a competition but Naim defo beat Linn and Rega on this one!


Linn don’t know the difference between serve and served, just as you appear not to know the difference between Bedrok and Bedrock. Deuce!


Extremely interesting!

I look forward to hearing and seeing one at my dealer’s sometime soon.

Also, I wonder if there will be any upgradeable parts for existing LP12 owners!


My own LP 12 will be 42, later this year… :open_mouth:


Mine is 44, well the plinth, top plate, lid and hinges. Probably just about run in now :smiley:


It is obviously clear the Jony Ive was shackled by Linn and the original LP12 form, but overall I think the changes work, except where the straight edge of the top plate meet the rounded corners of the arm-board, that’s a little clumsy.

What would have been more interesting… if Jony had been given the full run of the Linn factory with the engineering and design team to create something a little more radical, perhaps researching new materials and manufacturing techniques (Rega anyone?).

Still, If I was lucky enough to have the disposable, for 50K I think I’d be looking at something a little more adventurous, the Rega Naiad specifically, or perhaps something from Vertere, or more likely Kuzma as I was really impressed when I heard their Stabi (unfortunate naming) R, 4-Point and CAR-60 at last years North West Audio Show.


Plinth, Outer Platter, Lid, Hinges, Top Plate… Erm… Feet…?

My Ittok is only 1 year younger - its already 41 …!!


Which version of Windows was it that they just rounded the corners off everything :thinking:

He set up LoveFrom a while back. He remains an Apple shareholder and now does Apple design work from his own studio. Though in many ways he operated like that while at Apple. His contribution to the Apple brand, product design and company growth cannot be overestimated. Some have said in chats ‘he designed the ipod’, it is far far more than that. After Jobs he’s arguably the most influencial driver of the company. Beauty and the experience of using Apple has been a cornerstone to their success and driven by Sir JI and why many of us have at times bought an average product sold to us at high prices. :wink:
Re the LP12, Id love the hinges…:rofl: