Linn Akruate System Hub as Roon Network Transport into NDS

Hi, has anyone tried a Linn Akurate System Hub to use as a roon network transport digitally into a e.g. nDAC or NDS or any other DAC?
I just recently upgraded to an NDS and am now looking to add Roon with a high quality network transport. I have read about the dcs network bridge but that’s another device for which I would not have any space left. So after some research I stumbled upon the Linn Akurate System Hub which could replace my Arcam AVR390 and act as a HDMI source switch and high quality Roon network transport. The other option I have seen was a T+A MP8 digital multisource which would replace my CD-Player and also act as a Roon network transport. They are both about the same price however I have not yet seen anyone or read that a Linn Akurate System Hub is being used successfully as a network transport into a DAC.

So any advice or real world experience would be highly appreciated.
My best

If you looking to replace cd player and get a roon endpoint you could look at one of the Oppo UDP 203 or 205 as they are highly rated as cd transport and act as a Roon transport.

thanks for your advice - I have been looking into this option but I should have mentioned that my current CDP (Rega Apollo) is only half width which the T+A MP8 would facilitate in terms of size. So unfortunately this is not an option :frowning:

SonoreUPnP Bridge can run on a small, RasberryPi sized server, or a microRendu or a UltraRendu - all not large components.

Alternatively find a Roon Core server that also runs the SonoreUPnP bridge, so 2 functions I one.

Plus this playback route will be better than converting to S/PDIF and using a digital input on the NDS, as you would with the dCS Bridge or any other Bridge product.

There is an entire thread on this subject here - Simplest way to Roonify NDS

thank you, i have not yet stumbled upon that thread. should have been looking more closely. I will definitely check that out. much appreciated!

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