Linn Classik Replacement CD Laser

Hello All.

I have a Linn Classik 115 purchased new around 2000 my Wife likes to use with her cd’s. I always had a foreboding feeling that the CD player would someday cease to function on this kool little trooper, which did finally occur. I am seeking a replacement Laser and I believe the Sanyo Sf-91 Laser Lens 5/8 Pin Mechanism is the right unit. Can someone confirm if that is the correct replacement part ?



Hi Dave,
Maybe you should give Linn a call. Just sayin’


There appears to possibly be more than one option here so probably best get advice from Linn. I’m sure if you provide them with the serial number they should be able to let you know what mechanism was used in your unit.

Thanks Gents, I emailed Linn this morning and will share their advice.

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