Linn Ekos and Ekos SE

Could someone explain, please, what changes were made to the Ekos to upgrade it to Ekos SE status. I may have known at one stage, but I certainly can’t remember now. And did the changes make a ‘night and day’ improvement?

Thank you.

I don’t know all the details but I do know that the arm tube is now made from Titanium.

From Linn:
DESIGN FOCUS ON THE EKOS SE BEARING HOUSING In the development of the Ekos SE virtually every component has changed, however we will focus on the bearing housing. The horizontal bearing housing has undergone extensive modification, however the primary engineering goals have remained the same; the bearing assembly must be very rigid, resonance free, temperature stable and free from play whilst maintaining extremely low levels of friction. The improvements we have made over the original Ekos tonearm include machining the bearing mating surfaces to an even higher tolerance and better surface finish. This improves the fit between the bearings and the housing which ensures minimum friction. All mounting and assembly holes are finished to the highest standards and where possible have been moved outside the central bearing area, ensuring a stress free assembly that will not distort once assembled into the main arm unit. The wall thickness of the bearing assembly has been increased approximately three fold. This increases the strength and also considerably reduces resonance throughout the arm. Reduction in the number of components ensures that the arm is mounted directly to the arm collar rather than being mounted via an additional tube assembly. The strength of the single component avoids the risk of distortion and ensures minimum loss of information when locked together.”

I don’t know what the material was for the original Ekos arm, but Titanium in the Ekos SE afaik.


There’s an interesting review in Stereophile of the differences in SQ, though that may not be what you are interested in.

The collusion in the linked review, is - surely - what might be expected…? That changes to the Turntable itself - excluding the Arm or Cart - are the most fundamental & worthwhile…?

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