Linn Ittok Tonearms

I used to have a Black Linn Ittok LVII, when I first bought an LP12 TT over 30 years ago. It cost 10% more than the gunmetal ‘standard’ version - and was alleged to use hand-picked bearings from those available to the builders, but I have no idea whether this was true.

I thought that Linn went from the Japanese-built Ittok LVII to the Scottish-built Ekos, but very occasionally I see photos of an Ittok with the designation LVIII.

Was that a development of the LVII and, if so, can anyone itemise what were the differences (presumably improvements) were?

I am interested because I am looking for an LP12 on behalf of a friend who enjoys good music replay, but has little knowledge of the ins and outs of high fidelity equipment.

Mine is a gunmetal LVII. The counterweight is in two bits, though I have never actually taken it apart. It’s one piece on the LVIII.

Not sure about anything else.

It’s one piece on the later LVIIs.

The LVIII came out in '89, serial 31,300 onwards.

In '91 they released the LVIII Mk 2, serial 0001 onwards, which had an integral armrest and slightly longer arm tube / shorter head shell like the Ekos. It was discontinued in '93. They are quite rare cos most people were buying the Ekos instead.

Here you go…

Ittok LVII introduced 1979
Ittok LVIII introduced 1989
Ittok LVIII/2 introduced 1991, discontinued Sept '93
[3,000] 1980, Main pillar diameter increased from 20 mm to 25 mm
[12,000] 1983, Bearing shafts material change
[20,000] 1986, Armtube material change
[23,000] 1986, Headshell drilled for Troika third mount
[31,300] 1989, Screws in armtube replaced by glue
[0001] 1991, Armrest replaced with new integral armrest. Headshell strengthened

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Can there be much more to be said? (this is the Naim forum, so probably!)

I like mine and it’s nice to be using a nailed on all-time classic arm.


I have the LVIII/1

Lovely thing, but I’m biased


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Such a fine thread topic might be graced with relevant pictures….

Shown is Linn Ittok LVII, fitted with Linn Troika mc cartridge.

Close up images of various details on the Ittok



A thing of beauty


Lovely photos of the Ittok, ratrat,

and the cartridge that was designed to go with it.

I will be sending a second Troika to David Giffin at Goldring later today for a full rebuild. It sounds as good as it looks, although purists insist that nothing sounds like the Supex-built (?) original.


As Graham says , lovely photos, and some very nice engineering

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I’m not sure I could move on from my Ittok. It’s just looks right. Started with a Troika which sounded great even with a bent cantilever. Moved onto the Dynavector and am very happy with it.


I had a 17D as my very first Dynavector cartridge, then I had three XX2MkIIs over a period of ten to twelve years. I now have a Te Kaitora Rua, which is easily the best of the lot - as it should be, given the cost!

I think that I was still using a black Ittok LVII when I had the 17D. The rest have all been mounted in my trusty original ARO (I now have a second). They are all perfect in the ARO, despite some twit on this site a couple of years ago saying that they couldn’t possibly fit the ARO’s fixed headshell.