Linn Klimax Radikal 2

Hi, i have a Linn Lp 12 powered by a Klimax Radikal 2 in my main system. I’m thinking of buying a new Linn Lp12 Majik for my study system ( 72/hicap/135s, Neat Iota Alphas).

Can i use my Klimax Radikal 2 to power the Linn LP12 Majik upstairs i.e can i move the Klimax Radikal 2 between the two turntables depending on where i’m listening? Would the Lp12 Majik require any modification to allow this?

Sorry if this is a stupid question!

I think I am right in saying that the Radikal (certainly the mk1) uses a different motor to other Linn power supplies. It also needs the speed sensor in situ and you only get one of those with the kit.

The Radikal has a DC motor whereas the Majik has an AC motor. As the Majik has an inbuilt power supply there is nowhere to connect a Radikal anyway. So it’s a no.

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You have to have a matching Radikal full kit in each deck.
Then if you want you can just swap boxes but only really useful if one of them is a Klimax box. :thinking: :+1:t2:

Thanks, can i buy what i need to go into the Linn Lp12 majik seperately i.e. the kit for the deck without the actual Radikal box? Never seen that advertised.

They are usually supplied as a complete kit of parts.

Sounds like you might need to chat with a Linn LP12 stockist and explore some ideas together.

Don’t think so thats one for a dealer to answer but it would very costly if available adding up all the spares prices and how to warranty.
Best bet would be contact Cymbiosis and ask but I’m not optimistic.
I don’t think I’d like to lug about a klimax box and all the risks of damage
Oh and don’t be tempted to buy an old Rad 1 gubbins for the deck they are not interchangeable.
Good luck.

Or any local Linn LP12 stockist

Thanks everyone for your help. I will speak to my dealer but it sounds like i’ll have to buy the full monty package- another Radikal at 6,000 odd quid- if i went down this route for a 2nd Lp12 deck.
Think i would prefer to have a nice pre-loved Armaggedon for a 2nd deck instead.


Best place to start is always your local stockist.
They often have a “box of bits’ to build to customer requirements.

If they don’t immediately have what you want, the internet is your friend…

Keep your eye on LP12 bits.
Some nice pre loved items appear from time to time. Including examples of Naim Armageddon. Pieces could be added to your second LP12, installed / set up by your local Linn stockist, (for a fee).

Take a look at some of the reasonably priced basic LP12’s that might suit as a start point, with Moorgate Acoustics, Sheffield. Just checked - currently six available.

Good luck

edit : just checked and “ LP12 bits “ currently showing an Armageddon for sale.

Agree KJK

Geddon for you , you might be very suprised, and like the different SQ to the Radikal

The Geddon is still a good PS

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