Linn Krystal

Just a very quick one here, and am sure its been answered time and time again.
Should the Naim Phonostage be S or K with a Linn Krystal?
Thanks for your help

K for Linn MC.

S is for MC too. K for Linn carts.

I have a linn Krystal on my Gyro/RB300. If it helps these are settings i find best on my Cyrus Phono signature.
Gain 60db.
Loading 333 ohm rather than 500. Capacitance 1nF.
With 14? loading on the Cyrus i have tried them all.
You’ll have to convert that lot into S or K.

K boards may be more appropriate for modern Linn carts.

S board loading is 470 ohms / 6800pF.
K board loading is 560 ohms / 1000 pF.

The higher capacitance of the S boards was probably intended to tame the top end response of some carts

FWIW the published loading spec for the Krystal is 100 ohms / 100 - 1000 pF.

The K boards were designed around the original Linn (Supex) Asak/Asaka/Karma/Troika cartridges. They were a modest refinement of the basic MC board design to work optimally with these cartridges. The S boards were were more broadly compatible with “the rest”. You’d really need to speak to Linn/Goldring to determine which is the better suited to their more recent cartridges.

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