Linn Lingo PS

I’m considering upgrading my LP12 from the Valhalla PS to the new Lingo. The ability to play 45s appeals as well anticipated sound improvements. Has anyone else done this? Thoughts?

When my Valhalla died I got a Hercules power supply installed which can play 45s without the adapter, manufactured by Stamford Audio.

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I have an old Lingo 1. Still sounds great. Plenty of Lingo 1s ,2s 3s used at sensible prices.

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Are they easy to fit?

Great product huge jump in SQ

You will not be disappointed - go for it

My dealer did the installation so no sure if difficult or not , but it’s very neat way to go


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Over about 9 years I have gone Valhalla, Hercules, Lingo 3, Lingo 4, Radikal A.

It wouldn’t have been so many but the Lingo 3 was just a week before 4 was announced and then Radikal was a step to Karousel.

Having a good dealer made the last two steps reasonable.

The jump 3 to 4 would make me say the 4 is worth aiming for. Having watched the fitting I would feel capable but it is sold as a dealer fit.

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Thanks all, booked in for Lingo and karousel upgrade on Friday next week. Will update once done

Excellent VintageMike well done

Depends what you mean by ‘reasonable’ - £400 is what I am finding (and I am looking) - for the original Lingo (1). And there are not that many around for sale either.

YMMV, etc - as always.

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