Linn Lingo vs Naim Armageddon

What are the various pros and cons of the above PS?

What is the experience of people here?

I think you can get a Naim PS for around 500-700 GBP so that would be about the same as a Lingo 1 or 2 i think?

The Lingo 4 is a big step up from the Armageddon. I made that move a year ago and I’m very happy. Can’t comment on the earlier versions.

Sorry I didn’t answer the question you asked.



I bought a Lingo 1 when they first were launched at that time the Armeggedon wasn’t around. I used it for 15 years then bought an Aro and sold my Ittok but found something was not right. I sold the Lingo and bought an Armeggedon I noticed an improvement kept the Armeggedon ever since no desire to scale the upgrade path.



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I went from A nearly new Armageddon to Lingo2 (which doesn’t degrade the mains) - was a clear step up from my ‘geddon…

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