Linn LP12 bnc's to my 62 pre-amp

I had my Troika cartridge re-tipped, etc from Expert stylus co. Unfortunately, my little self adhesive red dot underneath the bnc connecting points that was on the rear of my 62 pre-amp has fallen off so am unsure on where the 2 BBC connectors go to achieve correct phasing. One BNC lead has its red band present so can anyone tell me where it needs to go, when viewing the amp directly from the rear, please?

Ch1 and Ch2 (should) correspond to white and red. Ch1 should be the first socket from the left when viewed from the rear.

As James states above, CH1 = Left and CH2 = Right. Red usually relates to the Right hand channel.

Great, thank you both for your replies. Iā€™m looking forward to listening to it again at lastšŸ‘

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