Linn LP12

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little while since I posted…
I have been looking at the Linn Sondek LP12 thread and it has put thoughts in my head of getting a turntable. I used to have an Rega Planer 2 dating back to 1986, when I was 16.

I’m thinking about the possibility of an LP12 but would also welcome other thoughts.

Also what would I need to make it all work.

My system is CDS3, 552DR, 300DR, Kudos 707 and Super Lumina throughout.

Thanks in anticipation.


The big thing is suspended turntable v mass. The LP12 is an icon, but you will find plenty of people who dislike it’s mechanicals . In fact when discussing LP12 it always seems to be about other things than the sound.

You haven’t mentioned a budget , but you have a superb system and whilst you don’t specify budget I would be looking at a Michell Orb, Rega 10 , others like myself prefer a Clearaudio , with your set up I would go foe anything between a Performance to an Ovation. For £4,000 there is a seriously attractive Technics limited edition

This is something of a golden age for turntables , the big thing for me was mass v suspended and I avoided suspended as too much of a faff

Have you still got your records Nick ?

I’m happy to talk about the Linn sound! It sounds great but a 2020 example is very different from a 1979 vintage! Early examples were warm, rich but lacking dynamics. The numerous upgrades have changed this but it still leans towards the warm. My own preference was for a Roksan Xerxes although the Avid Volvere ran it very close. But Rega, Michell, Clearaudio, Vertere are all options amongst others.

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At that sort of price point the Vertere DG-1 is also worth a listen, I was very impressed when I heard it.

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A few, but not many

Budget wise I think I would be going for something secondhand and to be honest I would not know what to set as a good budget…£2k?

I was just going to suggest maybe dipping your toe back in the water with something like a new RP2. Ok, it’s rather outclassed by the rest of the system but it would at least get you going without spending too much to start with. If you find you do enjoy vinyl then it’s time to explore something more exotic…

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With a turntable like LP12, you will need to worry about various ancillary stuffs like tonearm, catridge, phono stage, power supply, record cleaner, stylus cleaner, turntable stand (wall-mounted or not), belt, record mat, etc. plus the usual maintenance.

However, if it is well setup, it will sound much better than anything digital, my own opinion of course.


A new LP12 is a costly beast if you don’t have many records to make the most of. In my case the LP12 was probably as much a heart driven purchase based on nostalgia rather than a head based decision. If you do go that route remember you will need a decent Phono Amp as well as the turntable. Definitely have some auditions of the various options before taking the plunge as it can be a real money pit. Having said that, whenever I put a record on it’s always an eye opening moment. I never get bored of how amazing the system can sound, even when compared to listening to the NAT01 all day.


I bought a s/h lp12 from 1983 having had a RP3 also from 1983. I threw some money at it and it is wonderful
LP12 ownership is a bit of a religion - rather like naim tbh- which explains why so many in this forum have Linn and naim products.
I think my LP12 is one of the few inanimate objects that I truly :two_hearts: love…
Get one and enjoy the fun!


I recommend you the « show your turntable « thread. It will probably inspire you…

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So second hand Rega Rp8 with Apheta 3 or Lyra Delos.
Mitchell Gyrodeck
Kuzma stabi s
Second hand lp12

@Endon. From your experience what basic upgrades would you suggest for a 1983 LP12? If you don’t want to spend a lot in one go is there an order you would recommend>

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What would I need to make a turntable work through the 552?
Is it the same regardless of turntable?

The classic order would be turntable-power supply unit-arm- cartridge- in that order
The new Karousel bearing is getting rave reviews although I have not heard it myself (it’s on the list). A 1983 lp12 will be pre cirkus bearing model which I upgraded to. Some prefer the sound of the older bearing tho. You can spend a lot of money on the sub chassis- a place I haven’t gone…
Can really recommend the lingo power supply external supply- of all the things I have changed this was the most obvious improvement in sq- even my wife noticed the difference. The lingo 2 is the best bang for your buck.
If you buy carefully secondhand you can get some excellent bargains- even from dealers- and then trade in if you want to go further or not.
Only bit of advice- when the fun stops- stop!!
Good luck

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I may be selling my lp12 if you are near the south coast!

I’m in sunny Torcross in Devon

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No where near I’m afraid, just past Brighton!

I think you will need either a separate phone stage or a turntable with an inbuilt phono stage.

I would be looking at a Clearaudio -with inbuilt phono stage and MM cartridge at £2,000 (lid extra) a Rega RP6 with good cartridge and a Rega Fono or a Pro-Ject , these don’t get the credit they deserve on this forum. You could also look at a Technics for £1300 plus cartridge plus phono stage

I have just bought a Pro-Ject Phono Stage and it’s very good.