Linn Majik lp12 vs Pro-Ject Xtension 10

Hi, thinking of a turntable upgrade. Any thoughts or recommendations for one of the above. Bottom of the run from Linn, Top of the range from Pro Ject.

I would definitely spend some time listening! I had a great time auditioning TTs recently. And if possible get the same cartridge mounted to both, plus take your gear along to any auditions, or get them home to trial.

It was fairly surprising how different TTs sound with the same cartridge. Good luck choosing :slight_smile:

Why not aim higher
SL1200G for example

Why just those 2. Rega, Avid, Vertere, Michell etc

It would be easier to comment if we knew more…

Is Vinyl your main source - or just a ‘side hustle’…? Are you thinking of buying more Vinyl, or is your present ‘stash’ enough…?

Thinking - a low end Linn could go a lot further, in the future. Whereas a top Project would be an end to itself.

PS. I would certainly add Rega to the mix, as @LindsayM says.

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Hear, hear to all that’s already been said with one suggestion on the LP12.

If you choose the right dealer, they’ll be able to put together an LP12 to suit a budget using a mixture of new and second-hand parts. That’s what I did and it enabled me to climb higher up the audio ladder with my budget to get a Majik-priced deck which punched well above it’s weight.


Add mine to the voices suggesting: -

(a) Listen to more than 2 options before spending this sort of money

(b) Buying a wholly or partly non-new LP12 is strongly recommended, as is talking to a good dealer who can put one together if you are not sure what exactly you want. The ability to buy that way, and to upgrade again in future years if you choose without discarding the whole thing and starting again, are imho key pluses of picking an LP12.

Good luck!


Another thought… :thinking:

Given the reputation and popularity of the Linn LP 12, you would have little difficulty trading it in or selling it, if you didn’t like it. Whereas a more… esoteric (or unusual) choice… might prove tricky.

Just my view…


I would go for a secondhand LP12. Keep it for a few months and if you like it keep it. If you don’t like it sell it for pretty much what you paid for it.

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Thank you for the reply’s, I’ll try and put some meat on the bone as such.
I already own a Pro Ject Xperience classic TT which replaced a Rega RP6, for us it was a big upgrade, so that’s why Rega isn’t on the list. We have a collection of about 500 records and about 400 CD’s, our CD37 CD player has been playing up and a chat with a local dealer who knows the player recommended a Naim ND5 XS 2 Network Player as a replacement, anything less would be a disappointment.
This is a interest I share with my wife, and after a long discussion we decided that streaming was not the way, it would be just a better version of our sonos.
Moving forward we plan to make Vinyl our main source, as such invest in a better turntable. As we like the Pro Ject we already own moving up the range seemed a good idea. The reason for putting the Linn in the mix is my wife listened to one years ago and liked it.

Sounds sensible. I recently auditioned 3 decks, no Linn nor Rega. I had my own reasons, and I honestly think it would be unlikely that either of your choices would be a lemon!

It does sound like investigating a made up Linn might be worth it, if you’re considering stock Majik. But then I can also see the appeal of buying a ready to go package. Any reason not to audition both your choices?

What cartridge are you currently running, and would whatever it is go on the new deck?

Looked at new as I didn’t want the hassle or problems of second hand, been there before plus the Linn is fusser than most. At the moment we are using a Audio Technica vm750sh, which would move to a new TT

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I expect both players will sound fantastic, my main question is high mass or suspended. Most high end TT seem to go the high mass route but Linn has developed their masterpiece over decades. Some years back we owned a Alphason Sonata TT which we sold and regretted ever since, this was suspended but high mass. Would the Pro-ject Xtension 10 be easy to live with, is the Linn more sensitive to location and setup. Also how good are Linn’s cartridges as they only seem to be run on Linn turntables.

Completely agree with this.

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The current Linn Majik offers the benefits of upgrades which can be surprisingly sensible considering Linn prices. You would only need to upgrade the PSU and that could be accomplished with a new or used Lingo to have yourself a very nice deck.

First, make sure it is the current model with Karousel bearing. The Majik sub chassis is good and many knowledgeable folks hold that it is within shouting distance of the Kore. The Kore sub chassis uses the same framework but offers an integrated arm board. Although I moved to Kore when upgrading from Cirkus bearing sub chassis last year, I was tempted to use the Majik sub chassis as my Ittok attaches to the sub chassis and not the arm board. Others upgraded from Cirkus bearing and sub chassis to Karousel bearing and Majik sub chassis and are pleased with their path. The current Majik deck incorporates a great bearing and a good sub chassis already. Live with it as is and simply wait for a bargain on a PSU. You also have the option of a Koil cartridge if your phone stage will accommodate it.

Do not fear that the entry level Linn cannot make great music. When I upgraded to the Karousel and Kore I could not believe how much more accomplished all the musicians in my record collection became.


After a lot of thinking and listening we have decided on a different turntable. Have ordered a Thorens TD1600 and hope to pick it up next week. Reviews of it are very favourable, better than older models which it replaces and with one reviewer noting the Linn LP12 can sound better after you spent twice as much on it. Not just a revamped old model but a new design, for a start the platter is not hang on three springs but sits on them. Kind of like the idea of the TT not having upgrades to worry about except for the cartridge.


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