Linn Ninka speakers

A pair of Linn Ninka speakers has come up on a local marketplace website (TradeMe).
I have had my current speakers (Chario Hiper Tower 200) for over 20 years and whilst I like them I am thinking about an upgrade.
I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Linns as I can’t find any reviews on the web about them.

I get a review by someone called Petros if I type “Linn Ninka Review” into Google.

Running a pair in Maple on my 282/300 system Pete.

We are a Linn speaker household, as we run a 30 year old pair of Keilidh’s we’ve owned from new on my wife’s 202/200 system as well.
We love the sound we get from both the Ninka’s and Keilidh’s.
I do run a Rel T5 Sub on the 282/300 system to bring the full audio spectrum up a bit, as I listen to a lot of Rock, Metal & Prog. They are also lovely without it, especially with light Jazz, Blues and Classical.
The Keilidh’s have a very similar sound and that system runs beautifully without the Sub.
Many on here suggest I lose the Sub, but I like it…:wink:
For me they are wonderful speakers, but obviously how they sound in your system is impossible to know without a test and I don’t know your current speakers at all🤷🏻‍♂️

Enjoyed Linn Ninka’s for several years, maybe 20 years ago.
At first, passive, then active with 3x LK100 power amps c/w aktiv cards, etc.
Wonderful arrangement, to be thoroughly recommended.
So, would endorse that idea.

Speakers are a very personal thing, being room dependant and often system dependent too. If you can, always best to try in your own space, to understand if it works for you.

Good luck

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Thanks for your replies guys.
I read a few reviews from and with your remarks Quicksticks they may be a bit bass light for me as I listen to a lot of rock music.
I do not want to add a sub to the system, so with them being second hand I might pass as I cannot audition them.
I originally bought the Chario’s instead of getting the Keilidh’s so in hindsight this may be a bad move.

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