Linn Silver RCA upgrade or keep?

I’m using some Linn Silver RCA interconnects between my phono stage (Rega Aria) and pre (202)

I’ve been happy with them for a while but wondered if there are any cables worth trying at upto £300 or should I stick with the Linns?

I’m using tellurium q black speaker cables so curious about their interconnects, also Witch hats.

I’d hang on to the linn silver phonos. They were standard in linn’s flagship systems (CD12/klimax etc) and are more than capable.
The cable is just decent copper, it’s only the jacket that is silver

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There is something to be said for simplicity in design and implementation…I still use the Silvers widely in my system, despite experimentation with various alternatives. I was able to change the sound, but always for the worse.

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Getting a rca-din cable might be a worthwhile move. I preferred naim std (gray) rca - din to Linn Silver from my Urika phono stage.

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