Linn T-Kabyle and Naim Aro

Hi, this is my first post on the Naim Forum.
I’ve a question that I’ve not been able to find an answer for, and that is; is the connector on the tonearm end compatible with a Naim Aro which is, in turn, mounted on a Keel?
If not would it be possible to replace the connector on the T-Kable or the one on the Aro so they would be compatible.
My goal is to have balance connectors to be able to connect my cartridge to a phono preamble with balanced inputs.


Have you a Linn dealer you could speak to?

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Sorry, your questions do not make sense, IMO.

Can you explain further…?

  1. I would like to replace the tonearm cable in my LP12 with one that maintains a fully balanced signal from my cartridge to the phono preamp.

  2. The Linn T-Kable is available in such a configuration.

  3. Is the T-Kable compatible with the Naim Aro?

  4. I have a Linn dealer but he is not familiar with the Aro tonearm.

Hope this is clearer.


I think the answers are:

  1. No
  2. ?
  3. No -AFAIK - ARO experts may confirm…?
  4. You need a different Linn dealer, I think…?

As far as I know, the signal cables for the Linn and the Naim tonearms are different, and incompatible with each other.

Many years (thirty?) ago, I switched from a Linn Ittok to a Naim ARO tonearm, and the standard ARO signal cable was shorter than the signal cable for the Ittok which I had had previously. Because of the layout of my system, I needed a longer cable for the ARO and my dealer persuaded Naim to make a longer-than-standard cable. It was certainly never suggested that I should simply reuse the Ittok cable on the ARO, which would have been the quick and simple solution if the two had been compatible.

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As @Guinnless and @graham55 have said, the best way is to approach a dealer who carries both Linn & Naim - with experience of both Ittok & Aro.

If the OP is in the UK, there are several… :astonished:

Hang on a moment, KJC, I just need to check something very important. When you say that “Joy awaits”, do you mean the incredibly fit, nubile Ms Anya Taylor-Joy?

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Fingers crossed for you Graham. Hope the tunnel you’ve built gets you out and home.

False dawn this morning. Will have to keep digging the tunnel, or maybe just break the lock on the window and struggle out. Not terribly keen on Police attendance, which was threatened last week. How can things get so silly, I wonder?

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