Lip Sync Issue

On my system with Sony UBP-800 blue ray/cd/dvd player going into my Naim ND555, being fed audio from a toslink cable from my Samsung 55 inch tv. On some DVD’s the audio is in fine sync. On others, its about 1-2 seconds late. I have used the delay adjustment on the Samsung–but its going the wrong way. Why does it vary? Is it an error in the dvd? Is there a delay control of the video on the player?

On your tv, select source and then select your tv provider. In my case this is Virgin. If you select your tv provider from the bottom row of options you will get lip sync problems.

The above instructions only apply when going back to tv from another source box such as your DVD player. If for example you are returning to your tv provider from amazon prime/Netflix etc. then you select your tv provider from the bottom row.

Hope this helps.

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