Liquids and Gels

I haven’t flown abroad for a while, but even I can remember that Liquids and Gels need to be shown separately at airport security, no more than 100ml bottles and a 20x20 bag etc.
However, I was surprised to be told recently that the bottles had to show the bottle size, marked by the manufacturers not just me adding a label etc.
Apparently this was introduced at Manchester a while ago and is now a reg for all UK airports - on checking I couldn’t find anything on manufacturers marks in the UK Gov website, but after a bit of digging I saw a reference in the Gatwick small print - took a bit of finding though.
Has anyone come across this at Gatwick i.e. careful checks to see if the size of the bottle is marked? Sounds as though it would slow things down quite a bit, given how many people take carry on luggage only these days (I’m told!).

We have totally given up on carry on luggage and trying to stay in line with the regulations.
All liquids stay in original bottles, in the suitcase in the hold.
Small bags taken on the plane contain iPads/eReaders etc, travel docs and phones.
There’s never enough room in the cabin anyway…:man_shrugging:t2:

I travel a reasonable amount (currently in Pittsburgh) and I almost exclusively travel with hand luggage only. I haven’t heard of that requirement. I travelled out of Manchester this week (with my liquids in the little bag through the scanner etc.) and it wasn’t mentioned. (That’s not to say it’s not there, of course).

Different countries have different approaches on this. And within those countries different airport have different scanners. Schipol airport recently upgraded some of their scanners so that you don’t need to take anything out of your bags at all. Whereas I flew from Boston yesterday and they didn’t make me remove liquids from my bag, but everyone had to remove their shoes!

Doesn’t really answer the original question, sorry.

Well, in a way it does i.e. it doesn’t’ seem to be causing a problem … but just for completeness, here is the Gatwick statement “Please remember all liquids must be in containers marked 100ml or less. If your container is over 100ml it will be discarded by security regardless of how much liquid is inside the container. "
And Manchester…” Please note - if you wish to bring your own containers to hold 100ml or less, the container must have printed on it the measurement that the container can hold. Travel sets of containers that do not have measurements on them will not be allowed through security. Handwritten measurements or stickers are also not acceptable. "
Maybe staff are just using their initiative and will only check something that looks well oversize.
Anyway, enjoy your trips!

I did come across that size marking requirement maybe five or six years ago, but I’ve only ever known them look in the case of bottles that look on the large size (things like perfume bottles with thick glass walls for example). Thr plastic 50 and 100ml refillable bottles that I fill myself with things like sunblock have never been given a second glance (I have no idea if they say the size on the bottom, they may do)

However, I thought the bottle size limit and plastic bag requirement either had gone out of the window or had in numbers of airports and in the process of disappearing everywhere? I haven’t flown since hearing that news earlier this year.

The regulations are inconsistent, daft, and some staff don’t even know what they are. It’s chaos. Mrs. G. and I now travel with carry on luggage only, we do not carry any liquids at all. We buy toiletries and clothes while abroad and leave them behind.

Air travel has become detestable, but for now, sometimes we have to travel by air. If we can, we get ferries and then drive onwards. No such hassles there, but it is a lot slower.

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Amazing that when I fly out of Stansted to France that I go through all these checks, separating out liquids in bag, phones, ipad, kindle, films, belt and coat if I have one. I fly back from little airport in France to Stansted however and the bag with everything in it bar liquids goes through the scanner and I walk through the barrier still wearing belt and jacket.

Initially it just said liquids (at least on the signs). It reminds me of that time I was stuck in a queue in Heathrow, and almost missed my plane, because someone was trying to argue his hair gel wasn’t a liquid. Must have been expensive I guess :-/

Further to my last post, a quick Google and from it seems the new rules are airport dependent, and linked to having the new advanced computed tomography (CT) scanners (“3D scanning”), with the UK Department for Transport having given major airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh until 2024 to invest in the new technology. London City and Teeside airports apparently have already adopted the new guidelines, this from the London City website just now:

  • You are no longer required to take liquids, laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices out of your hand baggage.
  • Only liquids and gels in containers of up to 2 litres are allowed in your hand luggage.

Unfortunately it means you need to check individual airports - and of course those you will be flying out of upon your return.

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