Listening Chair Challenge

This is more or less what my music gets to see. Taken from between the speakers at the height just above my tweeters - as the speakers have an angle pointing up somewhat.
It does mean I have to position myself, head and ears to get good equilateral stereo.
I believe having my system firing from across one corner of the room towards the middle opposite wall means I dont hear any nasty reflections behind my head that could happen if the listening chair and wall was square with what the music can see.

In all, I find it hard to imagine how I could upgrade my listening chair. Other than maybe a small single minimalist low slung job that I could easily slide out a bit. Further complicating where else I can put the two seater in a small room. So happy with any compromises.

What does your music get to “see” ?

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When my wife is out: a mess pretty much! Sometimes I cover the mirror, for bright recordings.

Plus three windows with wooden blinds on the left.
Dedicated, it aint!


There’s about 4 feet gap behind the sofa and the piano. I’ve not noticed any ill effects from it being there. Sofa not quite centered as it would be for watching TV or listening due to being shoved around to make room for exercising.


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