Listening room - integrated garage conversion

Thanks Chris, it’s single skin brick so approach will be batons and insulation so accept I’ll loose some width. I was curious about what I could add to sound proof and any other specific products / materials to improve the acoustic properties.

The gap from the ceiling to the room is 20cm, I don’t really want to dig down (cost and effort)

My hifi ocd is relatively mild so not looking for room perfection but want to avoid any obvious faux pas.


How about expanding the Study?

You’ll need to be careful to ensure that you don’t cause damp problems. Any damp that penetrates the single skin wall will have nowhere to go once the wall is insulated. Fix timber battens directly to the wall and they could soak up moisture and rot. So you may need an airspace behind the insulation then a vapour barrier.

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I am just about to embark on a room acoustics project. I will start with some discussions with Gik acoustics around Frankfurt. I have the impression I have close to a theoretical room with very solid walls and where the reflective surfaces are by no means smooth which should benefit higher frequencies. Already experience some annoyances with reverberation at bass vocal frequencies. Of course my old mate Geoff P has provided lots of inputs to digest. The room is finished and I send off some info to Gik Acoustics. Let’s see what they come back with in terms of advice based on inputs received.
First impressions of the room are quite positive with very little suck out probably due to the solidity of the boundaries and lack of smooth reflective surfaces. That said I hear practically everything in a recording and it is so 3 dimensional. Weird and confusing. Never heard this level of details in my records before. Demonstrating that the room is clearly everything. Anyway early days and so far enjoying the ride now the building is finished.

Test tracks are too many to list but here were some very notable ones.
Annie May from Taj Mahal live catch,
Time off DSOTM
appassionata Beethoven sonata from Andras Schiff
Fantasia c-moll Mozart Friedrich Gulda
Chopin scherzo 2 harasiewicz
Charles Aznavour Tu t’laisses aller :joy:
Bach solo sonatas Victoria Mullova
Schubert unfinished kleiber
Harnoncourt Haydn symphonies
Alison Balsom various kings & queens
Thomas Quasthoff winterreise and schöne müllerin
Brendl Haydn Adagio
Gerardo Nuñez Jucal
Kings college Cambridge choir Nunc Dimmitis

And many more. What surprised me is the depth into the recording with nothing missing from low to high levels. Astonishing really and I kid you not with a cheap and cheerful second system


Phase 0.1

Hire architect.

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