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Quick question here that may have been answered on the forum in the past
My cd player is the rather wonderful Naim CD5 Si and I have heard that the puck should not be stored in the player when not in use. Any thoughts here?

You can leave it on the spindle (with or without a CD in place) when not in use. If transporting the CD player, in addition to securing the swing tray with the transport screw I would remove the puck to prevent the risk of it falling off and rattling around inside the CD player.

This only applies to much older Naim CD players, where the puck had a little rubber ring that would become compressed if left in the player. Later players, such as yours, don’t have the little ring on the puck and therefore the puck can be left in the player, with or without a CD.


I have a CD5SI and my puck sits in its proper place with no disc left in when not in use. :+1:t2:

You may want to get another puck, as your CDP will be unusable if the puck goes astray. Your local dealer should be able to help, but speak to James Allney at TomTom Audio in St Albans, if you can’t track down the puck that you need.

Definitely leave it in place. I have the same player and agree it’s a wonderful machine.
I can see (hear) why when Naim rationalised their CD range they kept this one and dropped the others.

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When i had my CD5si i always left a CD and puck in the player at all times. It protects the mechanism from dust and will not harm the player in anyway, if anything it will protect it.

Thanks everyone I feel a lot happier knowing I’m not causing and issues leaving it in place. Good idea too to get a spare one and to remove it if in transit

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