Live Music Ireland. Suggestions please

So excited. Heading to Ireland in September for a month or so. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions re venue’s, bands etc. What/who’s hot right now. More rock/ folk genre but pretty open really.
We will be be surfing so based on the west coast and free to roam anywhere.

Listening to The Waterboys as I type. Loving it.

Check if Gemma Hayes is touring later in the year (nothing announced beyond April but a new lp is imminent).

There are lots of great bands coming out of Eire and Northern Island at the moment. Sprints and New Dad who have both just released their first album this year are fine examples of a healthy music scene. Galway seems to have a thriving music scene if you are going to be staying near there and a few of the bars still have traditional music being played in them. I am sure if you ask people where you are staying they will give you good advice on where to hear great local musicians playing traditional music.

Check out the Vicar Street website (Dublin venue) or Ticketmaster Ireland for gigs here. Over in Galway, Roisin Dubh is a popular venue.

If you Google "What’s on in… (Dublin/Galway etc) you will get a good range of events.

You will get a warm welcome.

Check out Christy Moore in Galway mid September. Be aware that tickets often sell out though.

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The pubs in Westport have great traditional music every night.

Are you looking for scheduled gigs or pubs with live music? If the latter try the Crane Bar in Galway City if you’re in that area. Local musicians playing traditional Irish tunes to a good standard and the Guinness is decent.

I think you might be going to the wrong place. The Waterboys which is Mike Scott is from Scotland.

I’m sure you are correct but when you come from Australia that is close enough.

Thank you for the suggestion. We don’t have any fixed requirements, just after a great experience.

Thank you,

Sounds great. I’m on it now. Great tip.

Shall do. Can’t wait. So excited.

Thanks mate. Will check both those bands.

Thank you. Will aim to stream Gemma now.

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