Local Radio Stations

I’ve just taken delivery of 2 Musos QB gen 2 one for the kitchen to replace an unreliable old radio. Problem is I can’t seem to locate our local station. Does anyone know if it’s possible to add a station by its frequency or another way. Thanks.

Have you searched by location in the iRadio input?
If it’s not there you can add a station by logging into naim.vtuner.com and adding the url of the station you want.

Chris it won’t let me sign in with my forum login and I don’t know how to find the VTuner MAC address.

Chris hold that thought managed to get in. The station I’m after isn’t listed so I’ve requested it to be added. Thanks anyway.

Out of interest, and to see if I or someone else might be able to find a stream, what is the station name and location?

It’s Breeze FM 97.7. Apparently Breeze is a rather big radio network with stations all of the place.

I’m guessing the full name is “The Breeze Mid North Coast” on 97.7 and yes, I can’t find it either.
There are a number of “The Breeze” radio stations listed but not 97.7 Mid North Coast…

That’s the one, it’s our only local station. I’ve sent them off an email to see if it can be added.

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vTuner are not very responsive it email requests.
If you can get the url of the station you want, you can add this to vTuner yourself.

Alternatively just Airplay it from an iPhone.

@Stevesky can usually fix this stuff.

Chris how do you add it? Cheers.

I found the station on Linn Airable radio.
I did some searching and digging on the web for a URL.
I found The Breeze - Mid North Coast as
Try adding as URL in your Naim radio.

It will not play in a browser (they usually do - it is a good way of testing) but plays OK as a Serviio Online Source
and also as a .m3u playlist in AssetUPnP
#PLAYLIST:Internet Radio: POP Music
#EXTINF:-1,The Breeze Mid North Coast (Gloucester, Australia)

However, not sure if these external playlists work on Naim.

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Gee thanks I’ll probably have to wait and see what happens but thanks for trying. :+1:

It may help @Stevesky to get it sorted or you can try adding the custom URL I quoted
P.S. Been listening to the station.

I’m not sure how to add it as a custom

I don’t have a Naim streamer.

Come on someone help @Pete_the_painter with the instructions.
@ChrisSU Can you help.

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In the Naim app, click on “Internet Radio” then “Added Stations” where you’ll see a message saying you should log in to vTuner using the ID of your device (it shows you the device name in the Naim app). You can then add the URL from there.

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Did you get it sorted?
You will have to add the custom URL to both QB as they are different devices.

No not yet I have entered the station and been told that next upgrade it’ll be added. The site did say I could upgrade now (even though there isn’t an actual upgrade yet) but haven’t figured out how that works. Thanks for asking.

Have you asked for station to be added to vTuner rather than adding the custom URL?
Perhaps @Stevesky can advise you.